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  1. Elena888 2wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good afternoon Elena!
    Long time no talk.
    I know your busy with studies, so your late reply is understandable.
    -I did in fact see the film LOGAN. It was awesome & sad at the same time. I won't spoil anything for you regarding the movie, but I will say the ending was bitter-sweet.
    I still have NOT seen the film "Kong Skull Island" so I don't know how it did critically review wise.
    -Awww well I wasn't expecting much from "La La Land". It seemed overly hyped & stupid. I'll watch it when it comes to tv for free. "Split" I've been wanting to see but alas I'll have to rent it from the television once it becomes available to see on cable.
    The next films I want to see is: "Beauty & the Beast" & "Annabelle 2".
    I'll post the trailers for you to view below.
    Enjoy in advance hehehehehe
    -Yes I've heard England has gloomy cold weather. Its not great but certainly not horrible either. I still want to visit England though, along with: Scotland, Italy, & Rome.
    -Hows the weather in Spain right now? Here in the US its warm but heavily breezy ugh.
    -Yes I'm well aware that England has a multitude of Foreign restaurants to choose from.
    -Hows the Masters or PH.D program going?

    Hey! they've been weeks again, sorry U,U
    - I already watched Beauty and the Beast! <3 for me it was awesome! it's exactly the same as the cartoon Disney movie from my childhood so I just loved it (I knew all the songs xpp). About Annabelle....I didn't like the first movie :/ so I don't think I'm going to the cinema to watch this one....unless you tell me it's very very good xpp
    - I also want to visit Scotland! well, and Italy too, I've never been there yet T__T
    - Right now, in Spain weather is crazy because it's changing from "winter" (which has been very "soft" this year) to summer: so there're days which are terribly hot and other ones which are pouring water :/ well, I guess it's the normal thing in spring.
    And well, my hay fever is killing me, but I think I will survive xD
    - My pH. D is going fine... I don't have many results...but well, this is just the beginning. I will be going to a congress next month so I'm very excited : D it's my first congress after all....
    how about you? everything ok over there?

    see you! *hugs*

  2. Somnus 5wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -Yeah I've heard too many damn
    horror stories regarding tourists
    in Mexico that makes me NOT
    want to visit there unless its
    absolutely mandatory for my job.
    -How are you paying for
    a Verizon phone if your
    out of a job?
    -What is Lily gonna do
    once you begin the progam
    that your trying to get into?
    -Glad everything worked out
    for Ur 2-in-1 HP Spectre.
    If a newer version were to
    come out would you buy it?
    I'm currently searching for
    a new tablet since my current
    tablet died ugh. My mom
    wanted to be cheap & bought
    us tablets from QVC "rolls eyes".
    Now I'm gonna look on
    the website www.groupon.com
    for a high quality off brand tablet.
    Any suggestions?
    -Do you plan on buying
    any new younger dogs
    in the future?

    Part of me feels for them. Living in a tourist destination and being an infamous destination for drinkers would irritate the holy hell outta me. 90% of the job industry in the area we went to was hospitality related. Cleaning up after a bunch of drunk foreigners everyday would set me off. Heck, I couldn't stand the drink tourists staying in our building and I didn't have to interact with them... not to say I didn't want to drown a few of them, but meh. Not exactly hospitable behavior.

    Ah, I'm on a plan with my mom currently, but I might swap it over to my husband soon. I have a deal with my mom. She keeps a tab of what I owe her and I pay her when I can. She collects on things like my condo during tax return season though, so we trade off.

    I'm hoping I'm not gone for too long. There might be a day or two when she just has to suck it up and get used to staying in her crate. She used to do fine in the house on her own, but she has elevated anxiety and extreme separation anxiety when I leave now. Tried everything to calm her down, but she won't have it.

    Well, I wouldn't buy a new one just to have a newer one. I don't work like that. I would wait until this one dies. So far though, yea, I would buy a new version if the need arose. I haven't had issues with this one like I did my Inspirons.

    Lol, I didn't know QVC sold tablets.

    I don't have any suggestions for tablets. I use my iPod and Spectre and that's about it.

    Ah, we actually went to the human society recently just to see what they had. Shame they don't let you pet the dogs. We found a really cute dog that looked like a smaller version of a german shepherd (medium sized dog). Perfect dog for us. We both like germans. Lily is such a headache though, once she dies, I kind of want a break between animals. Take a vacation without worrying about an animal the entire time. We will definitely get another one eventually though.

  3. Somnus 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Afternoon Somnus!
    Long time no talk my friend :)
    -I've been crazy busy with school these days.
    If everything gos according to plan, I
    have one more year & a semester before I transfer
    to a Cal State & pursue my B.A degree.
    -Feel free to read my recent previous
    msgs & then answer all of the questions
    together in one long post, to make things easier for yourself.
    I say that because, I can't remember for sure but I believe
    that I recently posted at least 2X before sending this GBP.
    So it would be a good idea to look & check
    on your page before answering this GBP.
    -How have you been since we last spoke?
    -Got any big plans for Spring Break?
    -Are you still working during spring break?
    -How is your darling Lily doing?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    -Got any past or recent Spring Break stories to share?
    I saw this festive Ad & it made me laugh.
    Sorry the date is old lmao.


    I don't recall what all I've responded to...

    Yea, Verizon agreed to basically give it to us for free, so we got it. My plan is to stick with it until my husband forces me to get a different phone.

    My 2-in-1 is an HP Spectre. I nearly broke it and was running around town trying to find a replacement as it was being worked on. Best Buy still had it, but only in this really, really ugly black and gold color scheme and it was going to cost another $400 more than my standard, sexy silver model cost me. I guess my silver model was super popular though because no one sells my current 2-in-1 anymore. There are similar variations, but I like this exact one... Anyways, I didn't buy the ugly replacement... for obvious ugliness. If they had silver, I'd probably be rocking 2 of these puppies now. We had to pick it up my baby before it was officially finished being fixed because we moved away. He said he wouldn't charge us for the work because he had it for so long and said it was still blue screening. He never negated the cost of the part he put into it, but it's alright. It's been working nearly perfectly, so I don't know what he was talking about. It blue screened once after a Windows update, and I barely realized it because it had a goddamn QR code on the screen... but it was minor and managed to self boot out of it before I could really see what was happening. Hasn't had any problem since.

    I got my Spectre because it was a touch screen, light weight, reasonable capacity, reasonable screen size, etc. It had good ratings online and was reasonably priced. I love it. It's a perfect size for traveling with me to class. Much more manageable than my old laptop. And I don't need it to do as much as my previous computers did. It's mostly for browsing and school work. I can play Candy Crush on it too, which is magical.

    Yea, Lily has some extreme anxiety, and even more extreme separation anxiety when it comes to me. It's going to affect how long I can work in a typical day.

    I am out of work since we moved. I am knocking out pre-reqs for a program, then work for about a year and apply to the program, then hopefully get into the program. Because of Lily, I really can't do work and school together.

    No, I don't use VPN services.

    Ah, I started drinking vegan protein shakes in the morning. I put on some weight since I stopped working and the treadmill is broken, so I gotta fix the diet for now. Lots of protein! The first one was hard to get down, but the hungrier you are, the better they taste. And they grow on you. Reminds me of a Slim Fast shake I once took. Not gourmet, but edible.

    Ah, we stopped to get gas before we turned in the rental car. I didn't believe what I had been hearing about sneaky Mexicans taking advantage of tourists until that point. My mum was standing outside the driver's side while the car was being filled and someone who worked there walked up to her and tried to talk to her in poor English. It got everyone's attention and we all tried to understand what he was asking/how to respond. My mum thinks he was fishing for info on where we were staying so they could determine how much money we likely had. Anyways, the gas stopped pumping right before this encounter, and my cousin started calculating the cost based on the liters pumped and the going rate in pesos, then converting everything to USD. My mom instructed him to do this because she thought she was swindled last time she stopped for gas and wanted to know the conversion. By the time the encounter was done, he had a total and was listening in with the rest of us. When the worker started walking back around to the pump, we all looked over and saw that the reading on the pump had changed. It only showed a total and the amount of liters pumped had disappeared. And the total was x3 what it was before. We were all just kind of like, "What? No freaking way are they doing this to us..." There were multiple workers standing around the car at that point. My mom was furious and started arguing with them, which made us all nervous. She got about half of what they added on knocked off the price, but we still over paid. We also all noticed that they serviced the cop car that stopped after us before they started servicing us... and it left before our conflict began. That and all the other stories I heard make me not want to go back... at least to that part of Mexico. Not that I travel out of the country often anyways.

    It's been unseasonably cold here. I think we officially hit 60 once so far this year... maybe twice? I like warm spring weather, but we don't have an AC in this house yet, so I'm hoping for a cooler summer.

  4. Elena888 8wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd aftn Elena!
    -What kinds of food did you eat iin London?
    -Did it snow a lot while you were there?
    How were the films: La la land,and Split?
    -I've been wanting to see: Logan & Kong Skull Island.


    hey! long time again to reply, sorry for that T__T

    - as you may know, there is no many traditional meals in England xD so we ate a lot of meals from many different countries (asian, italian, iranian, etc.) and they were pretty good, that's true!

    - and, mysteriously, weather was very nice when we went, it was a bit cold but sunny, something a little unbelievable of english weather, but, for us, it was perfect!

    - about the films....I must say I was expecting more from both of them.... I mean, I liked them but not loved them, idk if you get me xDD for example, I can't understand why la la land was nominated to so many Oscars and awards :/ it was a pretty plain movie...the musical part is good....but the plot is very simple.
    And about split....I think the idea is good but it was bad developed...they could have focused more on the multiple disorder (the main character "desease") and release a better film.... but well, these are only my personal opinions xD

    I have watched none of the films you said :o I knew about Logan but I don't know a thing about the second one. was it good?

    well, see you soon and have a nice weekend! ;D

  5. Elena888 13wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Elena!
    -What did you do with your family for the holidays?
    -What are you doing w/ya friend in London?
    Is she going to show you all the popular sights in London?
    -Congrats on getting your masters degree.
    -Im back in school now, focusing on passing my classes
    in order to transfer to a 4 year University.
    -Seen any new Xmas genre movies?

    Hey! so much time has passed! sorry, I've been very busy from the beginning of the year T__T and it seems it will get worse soon.

    - I didn't do anything special....just eat....a lot xDDDD I guess that's the usual thing on Christmas
    - and yes, I went at the end of January with other two friends! and, because my friend (the one who was living there) had to work, he couldn't stay with us all the time. But he said to us good places to go visit. It was a very good trip, we had so much fun! :D have you travelled recently somewhere?
    - and what are you interested in studying at University?
    - mmmmm no, I don't think so. The last movies I watched were La la land, Ballerina and Split (not sure if that's the correct title in English). Have you seen any of these?

    Have a nice Sunday and I will try to answer in less time!

  6. DarkGeneralUnizaki 19wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i41.tinypic.com/2u41ph4.jpg
    Merry Xmas Unizaki!

    A belated merry x-mas and happy new year to ye Achika-san!

  7. Elena888 21wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i49.tinypic.com/2w72vih.jpg
    Merry Xmas Elena!
    -How were your studies in the end?
    -Does your country celebrate Xmas?
    -Do any cooking at all for it?
    -Go to any fun festivals lately?
    -Traveling for the holidays?

    heeey! merry Christmas and happy new year!
    and yes! I finally finished my master and now I'm with the doctorate! we will see if i'm strong enough to finish it! xp
    and I had to work during Christmas so I didn't go to any place, but all my family is here, so....it's good to stay here during Winter ;D the only thing, I will go to visit a friend who's living in London in a pair of weeks!

    and how are you? long time with no news from you!

  8. DarkGeneralUnizaki 21wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i41.tinypic.com/2u41ph4.jpg
    Merry Xmas Unizaki!

    Merry X-mas Achika-san and a happy new year!

  9. Painter 21wk 6d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Painter!
    Your welcome for the holiday wishes.
    Eat any good food that day?
    -I've been fine, back in school studying a lot.
    -What are you training for now?

    Errr, no, we didn't celebrate it.
    We celebrate New Year here.
    Poor you :(
    All the same just more: acrobatiecs and dancing.

  10. Painter 22wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i44.tinypic.com/2qs9r1u.jpg
    Happy Holidays Painter!
    How have you been this year?
    Any exciting news to share?
    Got any new years resolutions?

    Thank you a lot :)
    I've spent xmas in train and have just come home.
    No news :(
    I think, no, just because I've got no time -_-
    How're you doing?

  11. Somnus 27wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Afternoon Somnus!
    Welcome back to the digital world.
    -No need to apologize buddy.
    I know your schedule is very full.
    But thanx anyways for saying so.
    -What made you settle on a Droid mini phone?
    Sucks that the mic has already died considering U
    just bought it in January/February of this very year.
    -Which brand did you purchase for your new 2-in-1 laptop?
    -Awww poor Lily. She just misses you that's all.
    She can't verbally tell you, so she's showing it in other ways lol.
    -Glad to read your hubby will be back this December.
    Hopefully he will be back in your arms before Xmas & New Yrs.
    -Are U planning a vacation? Or a huge extended family gathering?
    I.E: eating with cousins, siblings, aunts & uncles, god-parents etc.
    -Yes becomn healthy is def a plan of mine.
    I still need to detox for sure.
    -Seen any new films since we last spoke?
    -I've been krazy busy with homework & studying.
    Not to mention I'm volunteering now at Deaf events.
    Gotta keep these hands up much as possible.
    -I have NOT had any time to read any mangas sadly.
    -I am gonna wait until a newer version of a Chinese
    brand phone that I want comes out in 2017.
    Too many safety issues are arising with these new damn
    overrated: Iphone6 & Samsung Galaxy S7.
    And probably will happen again with the Iphone 8
    & SSG S8 & SSG S8 Edge ugh.
    I am NOT wasting my money on that future garbage.
    I feel like all of these top brands are overly hyped and
    are not worth burning a hole in ppls wallets.
    2 popular Asian brands that are gaining popularity
    on USA shores are: Huawei & Xiaomi.
    They're just alright imo.
    Nuthin to write home about *rolls eyes*.
    I won't be buying either brand.
    -I have another friend who reminds me of you a lot.
    She's been using an IPhone 4 for over 6 yrs now.
    She refuses to upgrade despite her phone's
    inability to add any additional apps she needs to use
    on a daily basis. Until it permanently dies shes using it.
    Plus she hates huge phablet sized phones.
    I recently told her about a few Korean brand phones
    to look into,that aren't crazy expensive.
    She likes the convenience of having
    a small portable device,that she can fit inside her pocket.
    -Hows work been goin?
    Have any new co-workers or new bosses?
    Still working at the same location?


    Lol, I got my Droid because it was the cheapest smart phone I could get. :P Yea, it's a bummer because my brick phone lasted more than 7 years. Don't make things to last anymore.

    I bought an HP Sepctre for my new laptop. I love it, although Windows 10 seems to be a little quirky.

    I just got back from visiting Mexico not too long ago. Hate to say it, but they perpetuated quite a few of their stereotypes while we were down there. Made me sad.

    I forget what films I talked to you about before. I'm waiting to see most of the current films with my husband when he comes back.

    That's good! Bet you're getting a lot of experience.

    Everything is overhyped these days. People think they need things they flat out don't. If I could buy another dumb-phone, I would.

    I know someone who has an old iphone too, with the fat charging jack. Crazy to see. As much as I hate smart phones and mindlessly upgrading them all the time, I do have an ipod that does just about everything I need a phone to do. When apps got too overpowering, I damn near died waiting for Apple to release a 6th generation ipod (no sense in buying a 5th generation when rumors hinted at an upcoming 6th gen). My husband surprised me by buying one online the day they came out. It's the first time I've upgraded an ipod before the battery died. Seems like such a waste, but I couldn't run apps on it and my music library was basically full. I was cheap and bought an 8gb model before they stopped making them. Husband made sure that wouldn't be a problem and got me the most storage space possible. :P Just hoping I don't run the battery to the ground too soon.

    Haha, my husband has the biggest phone we've ever seen. It was fun comparing my tiny chocolate to his. So unnecessary tho.

    Work is as blah as usual, but I only have one more month there, so it's all good.

  12. Somnus 28wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Hey Somnus!
    Hows life been going?


    Lol, crazy busy atm

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