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  1. Angi Retired Moderator 3d 9h ago

    Quote by agent-Achika https://media.giphy.com/media/r5HHt7JTUI9Zm/giphy.gif
    Are U good with copy & lasting codes?

    mm well if it's just copy/paste then yes (?)

  2. Somnus 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GD evening Somnus!
    -Sorry for the late reply,
    I've been swamped w/hw
    & don't have much time
    to check my msgs like
    I did this past Summer.
    -Glad Lily had normal results,
    but it does suck you
    can't pinpoint the issue.
    -Awwe your so lucky,
    that you didn't have to
    take your G.E classes again.
    Ugh I hate it, but alas
    it must be done if
    I want to be gone by next Fall.
    I'm gonna see if I can take
    2 classes this Winter if possible.
    Then next Spring can
    be my last semester.
    Wish me luck & keep me in ur prayers.
    -Ive got a ton of exams + quizzes, &
    a ton of reading to boot.
    Ugh the life of a college student.
    It's a jr. College but they treat us as
    if we're in a University already.
    I love learning though, so I'm NOT
    that bothered just annoyed.
    And to think after I transfer;
    I'll have 3 more yrs of this shi-take mushroom.
    Luckily it will be things I'm passionate about,
    so it'll go by much faster & smoother.
    -I have an exam this coming Wednesday too.
    It's worth 100 pts ugh.
    I've been studying but it's a lot
    to remember in a short amount of time.
    -I just saw the film: Annabelle: Creation.
    It was entertaining & weird.
    The ending was sad though.
    Now I wanna see:
    Spiderman Homecoming
    , Kingsmen 2:The Golden Circle,
    47 Meters Down Below & IT.
    Yeah the new IT looks more daunting.
    47 Meters Down looks awesome,
    it seems very thrilling.
    I'll send you a PM of the trailers for
    the other 2 films I mentioned.
    -Its still humid here but we might
    start getting rain soon I hope.
    -I don't want a houseboat anymore.
    It's too costly w/maintenance
    & I don't want to be bothered.
    A smaller home will be just fine.
    Ever heard of Earthship houses?


    She's old enough that she's at that point where she's just gonna have issues.

    Good luck with your classes! I hope your big exam went well! I know those can be very stressful.

    Oooo! I haven't seen Annabell Creation yet. We just saw It this past weekend tho.

    It's cold here. I don't like the heating system in the house either. Might get myself a pocket space heater. :)

    Smaller houses are alright when you're on your own. Two people and pets gets to be a bit of a squeeze, we've noticed. I'm gonna need spare rooms for my collectibles alone. X)

    Oh yea, I think I did see something about one of those out in the desert. They're a little funky. I want a somewhat larger home. Not a mansion, but enough room for storage and having family over and such. I recently saw that the Mary Tyler Moore house sold. I think it's a pretty cute home. Not 100% what I want, but the pictures of it during the winter time are so pretty. It's big, but still cozy looking.

  3. Somnus 6wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd afternoon Somnus!
    -Awww what did the doctor say about Lily's liver & teeth?
    -Wow your the Queen of college classes lol.
    My dad is complaining about me taking 6 years in a Jr. college.
    But I needed a break & starting over G.E requirements wise.
    Luckily I'm almost done with my requirements & should be done by next
    Spring if everything goes according to plan. So here is to hoping.
    -Online courses are a good option esp if you don't have time
    to physically drive out to campus or can't move to another state.
    -Awww that mix breed dog seems adorable lol.
    How old is she again?
    -I never watched Game of Thrones,
    so I'm not missing anything lol.
    I already know how it ends because someone
    on facebook announced the ending afterwards ugh.
    Now I don't even want to watch the beginning from Season 1
    but maybe I will later on in a year or 2.
    -Yeah I know Spider-Man: Homecoming is a good film.
    It looks exciting & funny from previews.
    I was NEVER afraid of clowns, so IT didn't do anything to me.
    However I know several people who are deathly scared of clowns.
    I just stare at them & go "okay?" lol I know I'm mean
    but I don't get where the fear comes from.
    The life of a non-clown phobia person lmbo.
    -Hows the house building now?
    -Do you know how I can make photos from
    a picture site show up?
    The pics never show up & its annoying.
    If you could help me, I'd love ya a bunch.
    I'll send you a PM with the actual website.
    So be on the look out.

    Well, the hormone test came back normal. Which I guess is good, but now we don't know exactly why she's spooking herself. It could just be age related. It could be some obscure pain. It could be her senses going. Not sure. For now, I'm stuck medicating the bajeezus out of her. She had to take two large vitamins everyday, which she just swallows after I cover them with peanut butter. And she has to take a melatonin tablet before bed to help her sleep, in case her say/sleep cycles are off. And then she gets half of an anxiety medication tablet. =.=; I guess I should be happy she made it as long as she did without daily meds. She's slept peacefully through the night since we added the melatonin tablet. I might experiment with removing the anxiety tablet and see what happens. I'm happy she's sleeping soundly. I thought it might get worse after my husband left for a month.

    Lol, unfortunately. They say I'm supposed to send all of my transcripts to the program when I apply, but I hope not. The school already has them all... it's a pain to run around, ordering them all.

    Nice! I'm glad I didn't have to redo my GE's. They count as pre-reqs for my pre-reqs, and as long as I've taken them at some point, they're happy. :P

    She is very cute. She knows it too. My husband took her to work on a down day and multiple people offered to adopt her from us. One even asked us for a price. X) She will be 6 months old on Sunday.

    Game of Thrones is sooooo good. It takes a bit of effort to learn who people are and such. There are a lot of people. To their credit, they kill off a lot of them so they simplify for you a bit. It's a series that's worth revisiting though and people enjoy rewatching. I had coworkers who thought it was too nerdy and Dungeon/Dragon-y. One was a bit of a hipster and just wanted nothing to do with it. I kept selling the series to other coworkers though and talked about it with other who also watched and I think she got curious. She stopped me in a back corner where we were both alone and confessed that she and her husband bought some seasons during black friday and they loved it. She wanted to talk about everything up until where she was at and I was just like, "WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON! HOLY CRAP!" It's a series that's worth giving a try. :P

    They announced the ending of the season? Cuz the books aren't finished and the show is deviating from the books, in an author approved manner. Regardless of whether you know how one little bit ends, it's totally worth watching from start to finish.

    Well, in all fairness, It (also known as Pennywise) isn't actually a clown, it just takes on that form more often than not. But I imagine they won't explore that until the sequel, which I fully expect having seen the movie's RT score. I agree, clowns in general aren't scary. They deliberately made this one creepy though. Creepier than the original Pennywise. That one didn't scare me at all. Although his tendency to pop up everywhere and manipulate environments without adults noticing was a bit creepy.

    Hah, you would suffer through the new season of American Horror Story. It seems as though it's going to center around clowns and politics. Kind of tired of politics, but I trust they're going somewhere with this. But at least one of the characters seems to see clowns when no one else does and she's super afraid of clowns. Holes too. It's weird and other characters already seem done with her shit. But now her son is seeing them, so idk.

    We aren't gonna do anything with the house for a minute. I just started job hunting. Hoping that I earn enough to cover some school costs myself. I don't like leaving everything to the husband. I did that for a year and a half myself and it sucked.

    You mean in your guestbook posts? I thought I saw some comments in the tagboard that site work is being done in some capacity. Revitalization or some such. Maybe its affected that function?

  4. Somnus 7wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd afternoon Somnus1
    -Well thanks for your concern on my detoxing.
    I'm still looking at other methods as we speak.
    I looked up Dr. Jennifer Daniels, a very interesting case indeed.
    I'm def looking at using herbs though.
    -Can't wait to see Spiderman:Homecoming & Annabelle Creation.
    -Awww I hope Lily's liver improves.
    Its horrible when dog's have physical health issues
    bcuz they have no idea whats going on.
    -Glad you passed your exam final yay.
    I just began school this very week.
    I already have 2 quizzes coming up & a ton of homework.
    I am also looking at several other out of state colleges that
    offer B.A degrees in my chosen field.
    That means its time for scholarship hunting.
    -The movie IT looks entertaining but def NOT scary lol.
    I guess its bcuz I don't have clown phobia.
    The Independent film: "XX" looks really good.
    I still need to finish it.
    -What breed of dog does your hubby have?
    -Its super humid here ugh, I need rain in my life.
    -I want a small home, but my version of tiny people
    might call a little big. 442 sq feet sounds nice.
    Whats your ideal size for a home?
    -Why would you not see ya hubby if he gets deployed home?


    Good, good. Just eat healthy and you'll be fine.

    Spiderman won't disappoint. It's nice getting him back in Marvel's hands.

    Well, liver is what it appears to be, although I think it's related to her teeth. Will have to see what the doctor says. I just want to sleep through a whole night. I imagine this is what it feels like to have an infant in the house.

    Me too. I don't qualify for student aid so retaking means more money.

    Lol, good luck! If you can, see if you can take some courses through a community college and transfer them to a big out of state school. Save you some money that way. Even some of the basic ones get taught online now. I took an online communications course while I was working full time. It was nice to not have to drive into the city for it. I've actually taken courses at... 5 schools now, technically. One 4 year, and 4 community colleges, kinda. One was like a running start program. They gave me credit for taking certain highschool courses. My plan was to get a technical degree at one community college, but right after I signed up to renew some credits, they told me they were axing their program. Finished the class anyways while working. I set myself up with the only other school in the area that offered my program and took a course there while I was working, then decided I'd move north with the hubs afterwards. Finished up my credits up here. x.x Lots of transcript requests every time I transferred. Online courses are very convenient, I wish I took more.

    Really? I think Pennywise is super creepy looking now. Stephen King thinks so too. I've heard good things about it so far. They are hoping it breaks all different kinds of records so that they can get on with the sequel.

    I still need to get caught up on Game of Thrones. I'm sick of sidestepping spoilers, but I also don't want to wait 2 years for another season.

    Mia is a German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie mix. She looks like a cute, mini rottweiler. She's very popular with friends. She has a little nub tail, but she tries so hard to wag it, her whole butt wiggles.

    Lol, rain would be nice. They charge us for the rain here, how stupid.

    Well, my other home was 1500-ish, I think? this one is a couple hundred smaller. That one was nice. Would have been nicer with an extra room or two. I plan to have a room devoted to showcasing my nerdy collectibles. X)

    Lol, if he's deployed, he's away from home. Worst case, he's deployed to a combat zone.

  5. Somnus 7wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening Somnus!
    -Well the turpentine I plan on
    ingesting isn't a house cleaning product.
    I'll link a pic of it below for you.
    After you view then I want to
    hear your opinion again.
    I def plan on doing the $250
    5 day detox plan afterwards.
    -I am happy that Lily is feeling
    better by being doped up on drugs.
    I know that's a harsh way to say it
    but I am very blunt. I even know
    Ppl who put their dogs on meds
    for being hyper & won't calm down.
    It's just like adults who put their
    kids on drugs for behavioural problems.
    -I hope you pass your final exam next week.
    It def will define ya future that's for sure.
    Would you rather work? Or go to school?
    -Glad ya hubby might be deployed soon.
    That way you & him can be together
    for a longer periods of time.
    -I recently read that many ppl are
    downsizing house wise due to mortgage
    cost & sky rocketing debt.
    I know ppl are getting: tiny homes on
    wheels, living in RV's, converting vans into homes,
    & even moving into sailboats.
    I wouldn't mind getting a Dome rammed earth
    mobile home but I want mine made fm scratch.
    -Wow you bought a photo & figurine of WW?
    How much money did you spend?
    -Weather is nice where I am.
    It's super humid every day.
    I can't wait for the rain to come.
    I love rainy weather lol.
    -As far as my diet is concerned,
    I'm gonna try a few raw food resteraunts
    to see how I like them.
    -how's ya new HP doin?
    -Gone anywhere travel wise?
    -How was: Spiderman Homecoming?
    I still wanna see it & Annabelle Creation.
    Their is an IF called: "XX" that I rly wanna see.
    I'll mostly watch it online.
    -Here is the link I mentioned earlier:
    ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00IX6HIH6/ref=cm_cr_srp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 )

    -XX trailer: ( https://youtu.be/rrdaEYnlwMc )


    I would still do loads of research before trying something that is known as a toxin in the MSDS. I've seen more than a few questionable things about turpentine ingestion online. I'm already skeptical that one of the primary people who sells and promotes it is a doctor who lost their license to practice in the US and is hunkered down in Jamaica.

    I don't think most people need detoxes anyways. Not unless they consume tons of processed/contaminated food.

    Yea, we aren't fond of giving her medications. I'm trying to avoid giving her anything on a daily basis. Unfortunately, she's had extreme anxiety for the past few days. I haven't gotten much sleep because of it. We took her to the vet for an emergency check up and had some tests run. She might have an elevated level of something (I think a hormone?) related to her liver function. She had something slightly elevated last time we went in though. She has new medication, but it calms her in bursts. She'll calm down enough to fall asleep for an hour or two, then she wakes up in a panic and I have to calm her down for a half hour until she passes out again. Her vet is supposed to call back in a couple days to talk about her test results.

    I passed, thankfully. :) With a good grade too. Now I just need to do some shadowing and I can apply in January.

    Honestly, I am burnt out at the moment and wouldn't mind taking time off from everything, but income is nice and I need to stock up for school bills.

    Lol, if he gets deployed, we won't be together for a while.

    Taxes is annoying. My home taxes have been going up each year. With a mortgage payment to boot, it needs to stop.

    Tiny homes aren't for us. We don't need a mansion, but space for storage is nice. I miss it.

    Lol, far too much. I got two prints, actually. Both are limited edition.

    Ah, it's been warm around here too. Not much rain. There's a natural humidity here, but I don't notice it much since I live here. It's not as bad as Caribbean humidity or anything though. I like rain, but it means wet, muddy dogs. :/

    I'm trying to add more protein to my diet. I bought a bunch of pre-made protein shakes from Costco. I buy lots whenever I go because I hate going. The people around here are rude and obnoxious. So they're super annoying when they're all together at the same place.

    The HP is doing good. Other than that one blue screen, it's functioning great!

    No, no traveling as long as we have both of the dogs.

    Spiderman was very good. We stayed through the end to watch the special ending. It was like a Marvel rick-roll. :P

    I'm excited to see IT, but I will probably wait for video. I was surprised to learn that the actor playing Pennywise is the brother of the actor who recently played Tarzan.

    Hm, I hadn't heard of XX before. I am interested in watching the new American Horror.

  6. Somnus 10wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening Somnus!
    -Well the CEO of the agency's internship
    I applied to never replied back to me.
    I recently sent her an email asking her
    to update me on my status.
    So only time will tell ugh.
    I luckily however was referred to
    another interpreting agency who
    does mentorships,
    so now I plan to meet with the owner of that
    agency in an one-on-one
    interview during lunch.
    She is going to assess my skill set
    by talking to me in pure ASL all
    the while have a Deaf person there
    to evaluate me as well.
    Whew talk about laying
    on the pressure lol.
    -How is Lily's behavior these days?
    -What are your plans for Fall season?
    My classes begin next month ugh.
    Needless to say I'm valuing these
    last few weeks of my freedom LMAO.
    -I'm much closer to detoxing my body now.
    Its only a matter of days.
    I plan to do 2 different routines.
    One is thru an edible liquid called:
    Turpentine, which is going to
    clean out the parasites.
    The other is with a 5-15 day
    program with raw food juices.
    The first cost a measly $30,
    the second plan cost a whopping $250.
    The $250/is only for 5 days,
    $750 is for 10-15 days &
    $1100 is for 3 weeks ugh.
    I chose the cheapest plan.
    I haven't gone to the juice bar yet
    & won't go until I can save up
    enough money to do the 5 day detox plan.
    So for now its gonna start with
    a Turpentine cleanse.
    Its gonna clean my organs of
    gross parasites that have been inside
    me for far too long.
    Needless to say the bathroom is
    going to be my new best friend
    for a while *grins*.
    -How's the house ya working on?
    -Sorry I have taken so long
    to reply, for some reason I
    assumed I sent you a GPB
    in advance & was waiting
    for U to respond.
    I'm all turned around *sighs*.
    -Well once Fall begins I'll
    only be checking MT 1-2X a month.
    Most of my attention will be
    towards my studies.
    But that doesn't mean I won't
    make time for friends online.
    -Seen or plan on seeing any new films?
    -How is ya hubby?
    -How's the weather in Washington?
    ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/akajos/12013243284/ )

    You went right to the CEO? Wow! That's impressive.

    That does sound intense! But it sounds like you've been at this for a while, so I'm sure you'll do fine. :P

    Lily is doing better. We caved in and got her prescription medications from a vet in town for the 4th of July. The good kind of medications, not the generic crap that the clinic prescribed for her. We got a combination that I guess is the best mix you can give dogs that are high stress. They worked scary well.

    I might be in class; I might be working. It depends on how I do on my final next week and what my advisors say about my other pre-requisites. :|

    Turpentine is edible?! I've never heard of that before. Isn't it a heavy duty cleaner, kind of like bleach?! Given what I've learned in my course studies and what I've read about the people who promote these things as a means to sell their own witch doctor remedies, I wouldn't advise you to ingest turpentine. It is essentially a poison. It sounds like something that could be a carcinogen too. As long as your diet's good and you aren't ingesting whole pizzas and liters of soda each day, I seriously doubt your body is screwed up enough to justify you eating a poison. You have a lot of good flora in your digestion tract too that you'd probably attack. I would take something to make them happy instead, like a probiotic, rather than something that would essentially raze the land. Eat healthy and you'll be healthy, no cleansing required. :)

    We haven't done any major renovations yet. Right now the plan is to squirrel away enough money for my school. Then maybe tackle things as they become necessary.

    Yea, we went and saw both Wonder Woman and Spiderman recently. Wonder Woman is a favorite of mine. I bought an expensive art print of Gal Gadot as WW made by Olivia. She has a second in the works that I want, but can't get unless I get a part time job here. I bought the print and a matching figurine. The two set me back too much and my rental really doesn't make me much additional money to justify paying that much a second time. x.x

    He's good. There's talk about deployment right now so we're super excited. =.=

    Weather is nice enough, I guess. It's about 5-10 degrees cooler/warmer here than back down south. So in summer, it's a little cooler and in winter, it's a little warmer. Would be great for the heating bills if this house was properly insulated. X)

  7. Elena888 10wk 5d ago

    Hello after a while!
    I came back from my trip around Europe, it was amazing! *___* We started in Berlin, and then we went to Prague, Krakow, Vienna, Bratislava and, my last stop was Budapest (my friend continued to Croacia and Eslovenia). It is a tiring trip because you keep moving from one country to the next one every 3 days more or less, but it's very worthy! I really recommend it!

    and congratulations for passing your exams! we have a different way to rank the exams (from 1 to 10 points, being 10 the best mark), so I don't really know very well how it's corralated to your punctuation system...I remember A is the best mark right? so B should be like an 8 here, more or less? that's really awesome!

    do you already know any news about your internships?

    did you manage to change your phone to a new one?

    I hope I can be around here more often from now on!

    see you! ;)

  8. Tsasu 12wk 4d ago

    Good morning Achika!

    The Smoothies look delicious , you know being more active
    would also help you on your new healthy life style but also try avoiding sugary things.
    I know it's easier said then done so take baby steps and it's okay if you give in to temptation
    just don't give up and get back up.
    The weather has been the same here SUNNY, it's hard to do things outside when it's this hot
    without dehydrating or getting sunburn and don't get me stared on the sweating but it is nice to go
    to the beach with a weather like this.
    How is your summer going so far, done anything exiting or just been relaxing ?
    The Huawei mate 9 doesn't look that bad for a free phone , I was actually expecting something more cheap
    but it's not bad. I'm not that into phones but the only things I care for them is that the camera is good and the Net easy to navigate (and maybe a few app) since i didn't like that Microsoft phone blah.
    Zingbox , I think i may have found it on it's were you can read manga and stuff right?
    gonna downloaded.
    What type of Volunteering do you do?
    I haven't watched a TV show in a while , the last TV show I have seen was MR. Robot and I loved it
    is one of my fave TV show's but other then that I just been watching a few anime shows and movies.

    links of anime movies that I've seen.




  9. Tsasu 12wk 5d ago

    http://m.popkey.co/06b987/Klyv0.gif sorry for not replying

    I'm on my phone and it's a nightmare to reply with it but will do tomorrow in the morning g-night for now and sorry again.

  10. Tsasu 16wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Its Midnight here Tsasu!
    -Well for starters when I'm in my classes
    I have no time for social media.
    I am 100% focused on my homework.
    I can't afford to slack off
    & get distracted.
    -I still love MT but can't be on
    during campus hours.
    But since its Summer vacation
    I can visit & actually catch up
    with my online friends again yay.
    -I have not seen the film: Wonder Woman.
    I read good reviews.
    Would you recommend it?
    I want to see the new:
    Spider Man homecoming
    & Anabelle 2.
    -How is Texas weather?
    Its very humid these days ugh.
    -How old is your dog Max?
    -You had a few spelling errors.
    (all tho) should've been (although).
    & (resent) should've been spelled (recent).
    Other than those 2 mistakes,
    your grammar was clear.
    -Ugh I am now using a crappy
    govt free phone & I hate it.
    It has too many problems.
    I can't wait to save up
    for a new phone this year.
    I want a foreign brand lol.
    Its by Huawei. Which is in China.
    My best friend wants me to save up
    & purchase a Korean brand Android.
    He claimed they were much cheaper.
    But after further investigation; it
    seems as if they are just as pricey
    as its competition *yawn*.
    He has a SSG Note 5 Edge.
    & my other friend is getting
    the new Iphone 8 when
    its released here in the states.
    -Sadly I don't have any manga to suggest.
    I was so swamped with work
    & exams that I literally
    had no time for pleasurable reading.
    I will however suggest an App.
    Its called: (Zing box).
    U can download it to ya phone
    or a tablet.
    However the down side
    is it takes up a ton of space.
    So I would suggest waiting
    & using it on either a huge tablet
    or laptop for true benefits.
    -Nope not involved in sports.
    But I am becoming a raw vegan this year
    & will begin exercising daily.
    First I need to clean out
    my body of parasites & toxins.
    -The biggest difference
    between a Cal State & University
    is the govt & curriculum.
    I'll post a pic link for you to see.
    ( https://sdvirtualschools.com/wp-content/uploads/San-Diego-Virtual-School-Infographic-v22-1024x987.jpg )

    Spider Man HC trailer:

    Anabelle 2 trailer:


    Good afternoon Achika.
    - I wish I had that much of a focused mind.
    I tend to easily lose track of things or lose interest on
    them when I get bored.
    -Nice , any plans for your summer vacation?
    -It was a good movie , I think I went in with to much hype
    that I was expecting more but what we got it was still a good
    film. I would recommended if you like the super Hero movies and things
    like that but even if you don't , you should still check it out.
    I took a look at the movie trailer link you left and both movies look
    really good , sadly i'm not expecting any movies as of yet.
    I didn't see you as a horror type of movie.
    -The weather has been hot and humid but this past 2 days has been really
    cloudy and rainy , so it's been really nice but yeah humidity sucks.
    How is the weather over in California, are you guys still having a water shortage?
    -Max is 2 1/2 years old the same age as Zeus , that's his bro.
    Have you gotten any pets yet?
    -Oh , i'll make sure to work on them , what would I do without a smart friend like you :P
    -That sucks , never thought i would read that you are using a gov free phone. I thought you hated them
    but I guess we can't be picky when there isn't much to chose.
    I always wanted to buy a Galaxy Note phone but i'm still rocking my Stylo 2 plus, still working pretty good.
    My friend is planing on also getting the Iphone 8 , right now he has the 7 and i'n jelly of him xD
    would get one my self but there just way to expensive.
    -cool, i'll make sure to check out that app.
    -Oh a Vegan what made that come to be?
    weren't there a way to clean your system with some spice drinks , can't remember the recipe but
    supposedly it works.
    -I see , that's cool keep me updated about it.

    So I have no link of movies but will link an anime movie i'm watching and and random video.
    Enjoy. :)

    Random vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG61A7PCCLE

    Anime movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nTLr6Uf9Ug


  11. Tsasu 17wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Tsasu!
    -How have you been this year?
    -How are your buddies: Chocolate & Zeus?
    -How is your sister doing?
    -Buy urself a new phone yet?
    -Back in college or working?
    -My studies are goin fine.
    I just have 2 more semesters
    before I can transfer to a cal state campus.
    Thanks for asking me.
    -Seen any new fims from 2017 yet?
    -Read any new comics or novels?
    -Still living inTexas?
    -Why were you absent from MT
    for so long? I Thought you
    had permanently left at one point.
    -Are you fit exercise wise?


    This year has been pretty good so far , i know we are in the middle of it but so far is looking good.
    Chocolate ,Zeus and Max are doing great, there has been no fights but they have been changing there alpha
    male status. I can tell specially who approaches me first or when they eat.
    She is fine , her bf is on military training as she is going to college so thing are looking
    good for them both.
    Cal State campus, is that a University in California?
    I've seen a few films this year but the resent one I've have seen was Wonder Women , have you checked it out?
    Sadly no new comics or novels ,all tho i really need to start reading again. You have any recommendation on what books i should read?
    Yes ma'am still in Texas , haven't even stared saving to go to California yet. Have I mention that my sister went to California for a week trip , she took some pictures and said it was really nice.

    Well most of my friends here on MT stopped coming and I had a few of them on other social medias, I guess I slowly stopped coming cause of that one week became two weeks and so on. I've notice that you have slowly been taking long breaks , life must be busy but I kinda get that.

    No not at all , i need to start exercise more I have stared slowly but I need to start running i miss it.
    How about your self , you in any sports?


  12. Somnus 17wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM
    My finals ended & I passed
    both of classes for Spring semester.
    -Awww poor lily lol.
    Which breed pup did you get?
    Is it a Tamaskan breed?
    -I'll def look for that clip of
    Caesar 911, now that the semester has ended.
    -Seen any new films lately?
    -How's work going?
    -I applied for an internship but
    I won't know if I get in
    until either next month or August.
    I hate waiting for sumthin important.
    -However I am volunteering
    more at Deaf events these days.
    I love it & all the interaction
    I'm getting with Deaf ppl.
    -Do you plan to apply to any
    internships or vaca schools
    pertaining to your field?
    I'm not sure if I asked you
    this already since its
    been so long since we last spoke.
    -How's the weather in Washington?
    -How is your family doing?
    I ask bcuz you never
    mention them anymore.


    Congratulations! Me too (I think).

    Lol, I'm a little surprised you remembered I wanted a Tamaskan. No, that would have required more planning and deliberateness. We picked up Mia on a whim. She's a rescue mix breed: German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, & Border Collie. Everyone agrees she looks like a slender Rottweiler.

    Not many films. The only one we've seen recently is Wonder Woman.

    Lol, no work right now. Focusing on renewing my last few classes, then I'll part time until I can apply to my program. Don't have enough family here to help with the pets.

    Exciting! I hope you get it. I'm not a fan of interning, myself. I want to get paid for my time. :P

    It's been nice here so far, thank goodness. Our house doesn't have AC. We bought a window unit though for the main bedroom. We quickly discovered that if it's not freezing and it's sunny outside, the upstairs bakes. I can't imagine how unbearable it'd be if it actually got hot. We're still debating if we want to renovate parts of this house because we feel like it's hiding some secrets from us.

    My family is bleh. They aren't around here, so I don't see them as much.

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