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  1. Somnus 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Evening Somnus!
    -Yes I am glad I passed all of my classes
    & thanks for the congrats.
    I am now counting the days for Fall semester
    to begin, its taking too long lol.
    Fall officially begins on Sept 22 2020
    just in case U were wondering.
    -As for volunteering places
    I have now decided to apply to
    3 GoodWill stores, & 1 nonprofit
    Speech Therapy organization.
    These places all have special
    departments that cater to
    Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing customers.
    They even welcome volunteering so
    its a nobrainer for me.
    I left the other places alone
    because the Pandemic has messed
    up everyone's businesses & its gonna
    be too hard trying to volunteer at restaurants & cafe's
    where there is no deaf section among regular hearing people;
    especially with people fighting for jobs once everything
    is safe to reopen on a regular basis.
    Whereas these other places have a dept dedicated to them.
    I still plan on volunteering at the chapel on Sundays
    once churches & chapels reopen for good after the virus is contained.
    -I just began tutoring w/a Deaf tutor, we
    had our first meeting tonight.
    I def plan on meeting w/him in the AM
    because lighting is too hard to see me
    in poorly lighted rooms ugh.
    I had to even make a Skype account again.
    The program I'm using is called: italki
    ever heard of it?
    They specialize in languages & setting
    you up w/live tutoring sessions.
    Its really cool & refreshing.
    My next lesson is next Friday morning.
    -Congrats on finishing up ya courses.
    What are required competencies for the board mean?
    -Wow you had to stay for 5 weeks?
    What all did they have U do?
    -I saw the first season of Promised Neverland
    it was really good too.
    Now I wanna read the manga
    but I have a few I need to finish first
    like: Beastars & Sankarea etc.
    -I am now looking for scholarships online
    wish me luck.
    -My bday was on June 19th I'm
    now another year wiser lol.
    When is ya bday?
    -Hear about NetFlix showcasing anime series?
    A ton of fans hate it & feel like
    they're only doing it for money.


    How have classes been going for you?

    Aw, that's true. You have to be a little more "in-person" for your profession, huh?

    Haha, how has the tutoring been going? That sounds like fun! I haven't heard of italki, no. Is it just for tutoring?

    To sit for my boards, I have to pass the course work & complete all of my clinical competencies. I have to be competent on a range of x-ray, fluoroscopic,& surgical exams.

    Haha, I read The Promised Neverland manga. I liked it. I heard they are making a live version show too.

    Bahahaha! Happy belated birthday! Mine is a month before yours: May 19th. =P

    I had not heard about that. What do they do when they showcase anime?

  2. Somnus 19wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening Somnus!
    -It has indeed been a while.
    I am now at Uni & the transition has been great.
    I like my large campus a lot, there's a ton of
    walking correction hiking on a daily basis lol.
    I've passed all of my classes this semester
    & now will be awaiting Autumn semester.
    All of my classes have been & will continue
    to be online only for the rest of the year.
    -Turns out I didn't get that school assistant job due to
    them wanting someone with work experience already
    & who can sign fluently with students ugh.
    So now I'm gonna apply to a deaf:
    Restaurant, then café, & then a bakery.
    I figure one of them will say yes
    since this corona virus has made ton
    of people jobless & hopefully after its
    more contained jobs will reopen.
    By then places will be desperate for employees lol.
    These places will def help me in my signing growth.
    I also plan on volunteering at a deaf chapel on
    Sundays once we've been able to re-group.
    -Glad ya parents amicably divorced.
    -I still can't believe your sister is working.
    -I just bought some vegan cook books &
    am gonna start cooking healthier meals.
    -How did your medical classes go?
    -I've been reading manga too.
    Read the series: Gleipnir?
    Its now an anime blah.
    I've also been reading:
    BeastStars & I luv it.
    Its like the adult version of Zootopia
    with teens navigating life lol.
    The only series I watch these
    days are very short ones.
    Nothing long & drawn out
    bcuz I don't have time for it.
    -Ready for Summer?


    Congrats! I hate online classes. We had to make videos. I hate being on camera.

    That sounds like a good plan. Lots of places should be hiring soon.

    That sounds cool. I haven't had much time for cooking lately.

    I am done with my classes, but I have a quarter of clinicals to finish. I have to make up for the quarter of clinicals we just sat out too. Pretty annoyed because our program has higher expectations than other in the area. They required us to get 3x as many competencies than we actually need to sit for our boards and they limit how many we can get each quarter. There are required comps for boards and if we had just focused on those from the start, we would have all been done long ago and this virus nonsense wouldn't have changed anything.

    I've only been reading series from shounen jump lately. They just ended The Promised Neverland so that's one less thing I get to read. I haven't had time for much lately. I got ahead on my school work so when work called me in, I came running. Unfortunately, it was just supposed to be for a couple days. It dragged on for 5 weeks. I worked 6 days and couldn't get any over time, so it was a struggle to find time to do everything. Hopefully they won't need me next week.

    My summer is gonna drag. I'm ready for whatever comes after.

  3. Somnus 25wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Evening Somnus!
    -I am re-typing this due to
    my stupid tablet erasing my
    first reply to you ugh.
    -Nope don't feel like a forever student
    bcuz while I was at the Jr college
    after returning from my 4 year break
    I met students who were just now transferring
    at the age of: 35, 44, 60+up.
    So now I don't feel horrible about finishing
    much later than I had originally intended.
    Only 3 more years left & then its over.
    -Yes as of right now
    I am awaiting an interview
    which is gonna happen
    in January of 2020
    w/a principal of a deaf high school
    & if I pass it then I'll go back
    to the school & observe classes
    with different subjects & grade levels.
    I then will decide whether I will be a good fit
    for their part time job next month
    after I speak w/the diff teachers
    & ask how they feel about working
    w/someone of my skill level.
    If this job doesn't work out then
    I'm going to look at another school district
    & apply for the same position
    at another school elsewhere.
    If that fails then I'll be contacting
    an Deaf adult living facility
    to see if they would be interested
    in hiring me as a part time employee.
    Lastly I have already reached out to
    a Deaf owned & operated bakery to
    see if they would be willing to hire me part time
    for next year; esp since its mainly for Deaf YA.
    I have even asked them for other
    recommendations just in case they say no.
    YA = (Young Adults)
    I like having backup plans
    instead of being
    stuck in a rut & jobless.
    Plus all these jobs will
    help my signing improve.
    -I def wanna see IT 2 the sequel.
    -Seen any new One Piece movies?
    -My turkey day was nice & I ate good food.
    -Sorry for your parents divorcing.
    Why doesn't ya mom wanna divorce ya dad?
    U don't need to share family secrets w/me lol.
    -How is ya sister still working
    at job she's not good at?
    -Ready for Xmas?
    Trailer: ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DH-9_6Eg-qc )

    Phew, it's been a while!

    How is work/school going for you?

    I've seen a couple of One Piece movies, but anime hasn't been my thing lately. Still read manga though.

    Lol, don't be sorry. They handled it relatively amicably and they're still adults about it. Seeing who my dad decided to date made me realize those two would never have worked out.

    Wait, my mom doesn't want to divorce my dad? What did I say? lolol! They are both happily divorced. Although it was a bit of a pain initially.

    I don't know. And she's still currently employed, which amazes me. lol I haven't seen her in a while so I really don't know.

    My christmas was mellow. We didn't do anything with family. We had a last minute opportunity to leave and visit, but I didn't want the headache this year. XD Sometimes you just need a break.

  4. Somnus 46wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening Somnus!
    -Nope won't start classes until
    next Spring semester.
    Sooooo I will be taking my prerequisites
    for the program I'm auditioning for Fall 2020.
    I have approximately 9 & a half
    months to prep for the entrance exam.
    I am very nervous bcuz I know the
    competition is gonna be fierce.
    They (as in staff) want U to be
    fluent in ASL before applying
    or at the very least semi-fluent,
    I on the other hand am
    neither of those as of right now.
    I believe within the next 3 yrs
    I will be way more fluent compared
    to my skills rn but I am getting
    better lil by lil each day.
    Don't get my wrong I have indeed
    come a long way fm where I was
    10 yrs ago but I could be a lot better
    if I had more exposure to Deaf ppl.
    The only good thing abt this field
    is I don't need a B.A. degree in
    interpreting itself in order to
    become a ASL interpreter.
    U can have a degree in anything
    legit that they feel is usable
    to the community U will be serving
    & preferably from a 4 year campus.
    -In regards to volunteering I may
    not be going back to the company
    I had been going to which
    I began this late Summer,
    unless they call me
    back earlier than expected
    for the late Spring & full Summer of 2020.
    Reason being is they have an influx
    of volunteers coming in & may not
    have anymore room for me.
    I'm not butt hurt only bcuz I knew
    other ppl volunteered there regularly
    before I began my stint 2X a week.
    If it doesn't work out then I have 3
    back up plans put in place.
    I will be contacting 2 Adult Living Facilities
    to see whether I can volunteer in
    the Deaf dept w/the deaf employees & patients.
    That will give me a ton of experience
    being around Deaf individuals regularly
    & the train rides will hopefully not
    be as long to either location.
    If neither of those facilities allow
    me to gain volunteer experience
    then I will contact a school district & see
    if I can be placed in a middle school
    setting w/deaf students as a paraprofessional.
    This will give me tons of work with deaf/teens
    probably 3-4X a week which will be awesome.
    my last stop will be traveling further out hopefully
    by car to a company that has all deaf staff 24/7.
    I would be volunteering 3X a week; I'd apply
    for the front desk in the main office,
    & at deaf community gatherings.
    It would be an awesome experience but I'm not attempting
    that until I get a car & can drive back & fourth in 2020.
    It is too damn difficult to go by trains right now.
    As I live too far from the location & esp going by myself.
    Yes driving is the only sensible route to take
    when it comes to that company.
    -Awww don't beat yaself up over Lily
    U didn't know she was gonna go that day.
    Losing someone so close is very hard
    & painful, but with support of loved ones
    & grievance therapy ppl eventually heal.
    Try to focus on the good times U2 had together.
    At least U were by her side when she transitioned.
    -Glad ya hubby is taking classes & working part time.
    -Oooooh IT2 was very good? now I really wanna see it lol.
    I've been watching non-block buster flicks lately
    but that are still creepy & good.
    I'll post a trailer for 1 film below I wanna see.
    -How is ya sister & parents doing?
    -Awww lol ur hair sounds tolerable.
    Try doing mini Dutch braids in the back.
    Why haven't U ever dyed ya hair?
    -Ready for Thanksgiving?
    -Trailer: 2017's Don't Knock Twice
    ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dCimEns0MMA )


    Geez! Sounds like you've thought of everything! Do you feel like a lifelong student yet? =P

    Yea, I hope school makes him a little happier. He doesn't like his job and whatnot. I try to tell him our situation is temporary, but he's an in-the-moment kind of person. I'm the better planner.

    Yes, I liked both of the IT movies quite a bit. You should definitely watch them.

    They're all doing fine. I keep waiting for my dad to get a divorce, but she might just ride him to the grave. And my sister somehow still has a job at something she's never been good at. Somehow.

    Lol, I'm not a girly-girl. I don't do much to my hair other than straighten it and pull it up in a ponytail. Even that took me forever to figure out. That's also why I don't dye it. Too much effort and time.

    Haha, we kind of did thanksgiving early. Didn't exactly do anything traditional. It was nice. Didn't really want to do any family this year. What about you?

  5. Somnus Oct 30, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Aftn Somnus!
    -My break has been interesting lol.
    My tutoring plans changed due to me never
    hearing from the head of the campus
    in order to set up a schedule w/a specific student.
    I began volunteering in another city an hour away
    from my home in late July with a nonprofit
    organization that helps aid unstable Deaf people.
    The organization helps them
    w/food, clothes, housing etc.
    If everything goes according to plan then
    I will be volunteering there all the way into
    next Autumn & hopefully pass that as well.
    Its giving me a ton of experience enteracting
    with deaf people & signing w/them for several hours.
    I go at least 2X a week for
    3 & half hours to 4 hrs maximum.
    I like it a lot its just traveling by train is gruesomely long.
    It takes me approximately 2 hours on the train ride ugh.
    I hope to get a car next year bcuz it will make a world
    of difference on so many things esp volunteering.
    So after I begin school next Spring I still
    want to volunteer w/that organization
    bcuz they've welcomed me with open arms
    & are willing to work with me.
    Also I'll soon be volunteering every Friday evening in
    another city attending a chapel service for the Deaf.
    That will def help me socially in a more warm setting
    so I've been told, lol let's hope that actually is the case.
    I was referred to the chapel by an long time interpreter
    who told me that deaf church members are
    more forgiving w/ppl making
    signing mistakes & welcoming
    to aspiring interpreters who want to improve their signing.
    I am still planning to attended small chat gatherings
    in the deaf community on the weekends Fri-Sun.
    Its just a matter of having enough money ahead of time.
    -OMG Lily is gone, nooooooooooo!
    I almost cried as I read your sad update on her,
    did U at least stay in the room when she
    transitioned into doggy heaven?
    I recently read an article w/a vet describing how
    dogs search for their owners while they are on
    the operating table scared not knowing what's happening
    nor why. Esp since we (the humans) are their whole world.
    Owners are constantly leaving their furbabies alone
    not caring enough to stay by
    their side during their time of need.
    I hope Lily's last day on earth was a pleasant one w/U.
    -Congrats on only 4 more quarters to go now.
    Any upcoming exams?
    -Has ya hubby had any progress w/his
    journey to higher-ed since U posted?
    -Lol is ya hair in a pixie shape or Bob?
    Are you gonna dye it another color?
    -I did see ACH (Annabelle Comes Home)
    it was good & I liked the Ed & Lorraine's
    daughter Judy throughout the film.
    She was very mature & creepy lol.
    Now I wanna see: CRAWL & IT 2.
    Did IT 2 live up to its hype?
    No spoilers pls hahahahaha.
    -Aww thanks for the congrats on my classes,
    they were a ton of work & going to tutoring
    & office hours helped me a ton whew.
    I'm glad I ended my semester in good spirits.
    -Yeah the Summer workshop fee was a nightmarish
    experience that I hope never to repeat next year.
    But as I said in the last post it may have been a
    blessing in disguise w/me having more time to prep.

    Ah, that is a long train ride. It's nice that you can relax without worrying about traffic tho. It's probably a lot cheaper too. It would be a good time to do homework or just chill on the internet. :P

    Yea, I was in the room. We set her on the couch wrong, now that I think back. He head was away from us and I was sitting towards her rear. She would look up every so often to see what was going on. She might have been looking for me, even though I was petting her the whole time. Her last day could have been better too. My pragmatic side knew full well what was going to happen when we took her in, but I managed to convince myself that there was a chance the vet would just do a check-up and schedule her final appointment for a different time. It wasn't until the vet put us in "the comfy room" when I let the thoughts start sinking in. We really didn't do anything special for her because I was so damn convinced it would happen on a different day. I hate that. It was an ordinary day. We even ran errands for a couple hours beforehand and had to crate her while we were gone. I'm an idiot.

    We have exams on Tuesdays and labs on Thursdays. The labs are stressful but we're through the majority of them now.

    Yea, he's going to start classes in January and work part-time. We're gonna see how everything works out.

    Lol, no. It's layered with a small face-frame/bang thing. It's a little past shoulder length now that it's had a few months to grow. It feels nice when it's short, but I can't tie it back and it looks funny to me. I never dye it tho.

    No, I haven't gotten to watch that one yet. It'll probably be on HBO the next time we get a free trial so I'll probably get to watch it then.

    It 2 was very good. I didn't think I'd like seeing so many people I could recognize in it, especially Bill Hader, but he was actually a hi-light. He managed to make one scene in particular very scary, then immediately funny.

    Started up classes again?

  6. Tsasu Oct 29, 2019

    http://data.whicdn.com/images/321635848/original.gif Yo, how you been ?

  7. Somnus Sep 09, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Evening Somnus
    long time no talk.
    -I've been very busy,
    I passed all 3 of of my classes yay.
    I got a B in business math, an A in speech +
    high C 2 pts fm a B lol in astronomy lab.
    I should be getting a certificate for
    achievement from the campus
    but no AA degree as I originally planned due to it
    no longer holding any merit in my future field.
    Now they demand for interps to have a B.A. degree + M.A. degree
    nothing below will be accepted including AA degree.
    I finally finished my last semester at the jr. college.
    As you know the JRC (junior college) messed up my transcripts
    but finally the CSU saw the correct
    class numbers changes for the same classes & accepted
    them into their requirements for me.
    Ugh they had taken 4ever to give me the
    411 and by the time they did it was during
    prep week for final exams *rolls eyes*
    when I got it I tried to login early but their
    site wouldn't accept my username + pswd.
    I called them (CSU help desk) but no one answered my calls.
    So I had to wait 2 days before I called again.
    Also I misread the deadline + missed it by 3 days after the fact.
    Now I'll be applying this coming August
    for next Spring in 2020, reason being is due
    to my admission being renig bcuz I didn't
    pay for a Summer workshop fee ugh.
    Only bcuz I couldn't login in the first place, it was a mess.
    -The only pros is I'll have now is 1 year to prep for my auditions
    which will be exactly next Fall instead of 3 measly months.
    This will be a good time for me to volunteer
    and meet ppl in various chatty gigs
    to perfect my craft before the big entrance exams.
    I actually plan on tutoring Deaf students
    w/English homework in ASL this coming fall.
    That will give me tons of exposure that I so desperately need in the community
    + me volunteering on the weekends at events, along w/me goin to
    multiple small social gatherings is gonna give me all the practice I need.
    I plan on auditioning for at least 3 UNI campuses possibly 4 who knows.
    Hoping I'll have enough schollys/grants to do out of state.
    3 will def be out of state, I like to keep my options open.
    Can't be putting all my eggs in one basket.
    I will start lookin for scholarships next month for sure.
    -I am also gonna try to move closer to
    the campus that accepted me by the end of this year.
    -I am also waiting to get a new android lol.
    -Glad Lily is hangin in there while ill.
    Can she still walk?
    -Why did you cut ya hair off?
    I'm getting twists for the humid Summer.
    I have too much thick hair to be
    styling during these humid days.
    -Glad you passed your physics classes in ya last quarter.
    only 5 to go as in 5 semesters?
    -Are you getting paid well for this Summer gig in the hospital?
    -gonna call pest control on those possums?
    I think U should bcuz of them havin rabies etc.
    -I wanna see the new Annabelle Comes Home Movie
    + the thriller CRAWL I will link em below,

    ACH Trailer: ( https://youtu.be/EMa-KFfatT0 )
    CRAWL: ( https://youtu.be/VE0k-Yq_YVQ )

    Whew! I'ts been a while. Sorry, my summer was super busy. I've been on break for the past three weeks, but I picked up a bunch of hours at work =P

    Congrats on passing your classes! That's exciting! Have you been enjoying your break?

    Aw, sorry. Schools have become a bit cold. There's so many students these days, I don't think they can give everyone the personalized attention they deserve. It becomes a mess a lot of times... my husband is trying to kick start his higher-ed, so I understand where you're coming from. =P

    Ooooh! That's exciting! I've thought about tutoring, but I don't know that I'd be a good teacher. xD I do help my class with their math/physics assignments and questions a lot tho.

    We said goodbye to Lily 2 weeks ago. It really doesn't feel that long & I'm still torn if it was the right call. There were times when I felt it was in her best interest to let her go, but I could also see times when she was still trying. She was still eating and whatnot, but she wasn't in good shape. When we scheduled her appt with the vet, I knew that would probably be the end of it, but I realized when we actually started discussing it that I didn't actually believe it. It was a rough day. I'm still a blubbery mess. Vet agreed that she was ready tho. I was really trying to give her as much time as I could without letting her live in a great amount of pain. Hopefully I found a decent balance for her.

    Haha, I only get my hair cut once every year or longer. So when I get it cut, I get it cut shorter than I actually like to give myself more time between cuts. =P

    Yep! only 4 quarters to go now. =) Summer was rough, so I'm glad it's over. Nope. Didn't get paid for anything this summer. I actually had to pay them to work there. Pretty dumb arrangement.

    I thought about it, but I opted to get a few animal repellents instead. None of them actually like opossums on the list of things they repel, but they work on everything from cats to deer to voles, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I saw the rodents a lot less after I put them out, but since we haven't been making as many trips outside during the night the past couple of weeks, I can't tell how frequently they're really around anymore.

    We saw IT 2 last night. We had a rare lightning storm blow through the area at the same time. There were two power surges during the film because of the weather. It was a little annoying, but the film screens seem to have a back-up for stuff like that. Once everything came back, it automatically re-wound itself about 90 seconds and kept going. I was worried we'd have to tell the staff where to restart the film or just come back a different day to watch.

  8. Elena888 Aug 25, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika http://media.giphy.com/media/10gPaTAkcwtlxm/giphy.gifElena88!
    -Travel abroad outside of Spain for Xmas?
    -Create any yummy dishes for Xmas?
    -How was the weather in Spain Xmas morning?
    -Receive any nice gifts from people?

    Hello after ages!
    I hope everything is going great over there ! I've been really busy and I am not paying much attention to this U,U

  9. TheGarbageCollector Jul 23, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika GM GarbageCollector
    -Do you at least chill out
    at friends & family members homes
    & have movie or game nights?
    -Ever experienced karaoke?
    -Read any new graphic novels lately?
    -Know how to bake or cook?
    -Got any pets?


    no, nope, nope, no and.. no.
    I watch movies on rabbit app sometimes and I'm trying to learn DnD to play with this group of friends I have in discord but probably won't make it. My roommate tried to teach me to cook sometimes but in really bad. I had a car when I was little guy I didn't take proper care of it so it ran away

  10. TheGarbageCollector Jul 20, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika GM GarbageCollector.
    -Yes people still celebrate Turkey Day
    & Xmas dinners early on w/family
    especially if traveling vacations are involved lol.
    -Do you work for urself doing IT?
    -Ever travel globally for holidays?


    nah I just work for a big greedy company
    I'm not much of a traveler and also don't get many holidays and when I do get holidays I prefer to stay in my house just chilling

  11. TheGarbageCollector Jul 16, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd morning GarbageCollector
    -I stayed home due to having a cold.
    -Any big upcoming Fall plans?

    -What do U do for work?

    IT work :\
    No plans at all. Does anyone ever plan anything for fall? .-.

  12. TheGarbageCollector Jul 12, 2019

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening GarbageCollector!
    Did you do anything fun during the 4th of July?


    no just worked :T
    How was yours?

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