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  1. SavingtheGeneration 9wk 5d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening SavingGeneration!
    -Sorry it's taken me so
    long to reply I've been
    extra busy buying class
    text books & getting
    used to my campus again lol.
    -What field do U currently
    work in & do you enjoy it?
    -What is the game
    genre fps?
    -I wanna see the
    Baccano specials.
    What's the series:
    Golden Kamey abt?
    I've seen all of Haikyuu so
    far but I wanna read the manga.
    - Not being in ya 20s doesn't
    mean ya an old lady lol.
    I'm in my 30s but ppl
    still mistake me for 25 Lmbo.
    -Awww thanks for ya condolences
    yeah taking care of
    my mom hasn't been
    the most easiest journey,
    but things are finally calming
    down after a wild storm;
    Starting next month things
    will def be improving so
    that's something I can
    look forward to.
    -What types of pastries
    do U like baking & when?
    -Do U dress up for Halloween?
    Bake a ton for Xmas?
    -Do ya use an older
    iPhone or Android?
    Or has it been upgraded?
    -Seen any new films lately?

    [IMG] http://media.giphy.com/media/fnlXXGImVWB0RYWWQj/giphy.gif[IMG]

    Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I got sick last week.
    Right now I work at a vet clinic while also caregiving for my grandmother. I love animals but I don't enjoy the vet clinic. lol
    And sorry, fps means first person shooters.
    Let's see, Golden Kamuy is about a soldier, Sugimoto, who after the Russo-Japanese war is trying to find gold so his dead friend's wife can get eye surgery and not go blind. While panning for gold, he hears about a mountain of gold taken by the Ainu and hidden away. The only way to find this gold is to find 24 convicts who recently escaped imprisonment who have tattoos on their bodies. When skinned, they reveal a map to the gold. So, Sugimoto with the help of an Ainu girl, Asirpa, set out to find the gold. The manga just finished earlier this year and the anime will be on season 4 this October!
    I mean, I look like I'm 17 even though I'm 30. But still, it feels old once you get to 30. lol
    I like baking cookies and brownies and cakes. Literally anything with chocolate. lol But I don't bake that often nor do I bake for Christmas.
    I don't go all out for Halloween but I usually try to do some sort of low-key costume! Usually a videogame character.
    I have an iphone 11.
    For movies, I think the most recent ones I've seen are: Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Bad Guys!

  2. SavingtheGeneration 13wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Macy!
    -Did ya get degree in Mass communications
    or did U end up switching
    over to something else entirely?
    -What do ya consider old? lol
    -What type of game genres
    do ya enjoy the most?
    -Got any fav anime series?
    -I'm currently a Uni student
    myself & have 2 more yrs
    to go before I call it quits lol.
    I want my B.A. & M.A degrees;
    it's been a long journey but
    I'm halfway there.
    -I like to bake pastries,
    I'm changing my diet
    this year & will be seasoning
    cooked vegan dishes
    & baking raw vegan desserts
    along w/oven baked vegan goodies.
    -I am doing quite well as
    I possibly can, taking care
    of a newly ill parent is
    rough but things are
    finally starting to settle down.
    -I can't wait for Xmas this
    year so I can buy friends
    nice gifts & go out to dinner.
    -Got any favorite holidays?

    I got my degree in Mass Comm! I don't work in my field though.
    I consider myself old. lol I'm not in my 20s anymore.
    It's hard to narrow down my favorite game genres since I play everything! I like rpgs, fps and adventure games.
    Yeah, I've got some favorite anime series! Uhh Baccano! Haikyuu! and Golden Kamuy.
    Congrats on making it halfway!
    I like baking too! But wow, you're changing your diet to a vegan one?
    I'm kind of in the same boat! I'm currently taking care of my ill grandma. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that. I'm glad things are settling down!
    Definitely Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays! Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

  3. SavingtheGeneration 14wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Aftn Macy!
    -How are U?
    Nice to meet you.
    - What's your major
    as a student?
    -Almost done with/school?
    -Got any fun hobbies?
    -Watch anime films?

    Hi! I'm doing well! Hope you're doing well too!
    Oh, I'm not a student anymore. I'm very old now. Lol I was a Mass Communications major in college!
    I just game and watch movies. Those are my favorite hobbies!
    And yes, I watch anime. Not as much as I used to when I was younger though!

  4. xRedPhoenix 49wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-AchikaGd Evening RedPhoenix!
    -Wow you were originally
    born in Hong Kong?
    What was New York like
    for U growing up?
    What made U want to move?
    -How did U get into the
    position of being an art director in
    -How did U end up in Canada?
    How does it compare to the USA?
    -Awaiting any new anime
    series getting ready to come out?
    -Which manga series do U need to complete?
    -Buy any Xmas gifts for friends yet?
    -Do U prefer iPhone or Androids?

    I grew up in New York, since I was 9 months old so I have no ties to HK other than a place I see extended family and shop at.
    I moved to Canada when I married a Canadian.
    You become an AD by entering the design world and doing a decent job. You move up in rank, like any other job.
    I'll probably only watch Attack on Titan and My Hero Acadamia to finish.
    What are friends? JK. I don't have friends.
    I'd prefer an Android but I have an iPhone and been too lazy to switch.

  5. xRedPhoenix 49wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-AchikaGd Afternoon RedPhoenix!
    Its nice to meet you my
    name is Achika :)
    -How are U?
    -My intention is not to
    annoy you just making casual convo is all.
    -Ya wallpapers are amazing
    how long have U been making them?
    -Ever consider going to school for art?
    -Like reading manga?
    -Enjoy baking or cooking?
    -Ever traveled outside of New York?
    -Ready for Xmas?

    Haha, hello... Nice to meet you... Apparently I've been a member and active member here the same time you were... I started making wallpapers 18 years ago. Went on a few year hiatus and just recently came back to making wallpapers for fun again... (You can check out my website for all my works.)
    I graduated from college over a decade ago and don't plan to do any schooling again... But even though my major was in Business, I did end up in the creative field as my career. I'm an art director now for advertising/marketing companies.
    I don't really read manga anymore, although I intend to finish the ones I started years ago, once they've finished. Don't really like to cook but I can cook well enough. I live in Canada now, so I guess I've traveled outside of New York. I was also born in a Hong Kong so...
    Yes, I feel very festive this year.

  6. TheGarbageCollector Nov 20, 2021

    Quote by agent-Achika Its been a while
    -Hows everything going
    w/U during Covid crisis?
    -Are you vaccinated yet?


    hey! Good to hear from you
    All vaccinated and safe here and hope you are too :)
    I got to spend time with my family so that part was nice

  7. Hakaru Moderator Aug 12, 2021

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Morning Hakaru!
    -Ever eaten: umbo Fishing Boat Tsurikichi?
    or Bacon Miso Ramen in Japan?
    -Ever plan on going back
    once pandemic is over?


    - I haven't eaten those cuisine before.
    - Maybe, I should travel more.

  8. Hakaru Moderator Aug 09, 2021

    Quote by agent-Achika
    -Traveled to any favorite places?
    -Had any memorable foods?


    Omurice and Udon, they tastes really good.

  9. Hakaru Moderator Jul 28, 2021

    Quote by agent-Achika
    -Ever traveled internationally?

    Only traveled a few times.

  10. Tsasu Jun 23, 2021


  11. shunyoo Feb 10, 2021

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Morning Shunyoo!
    -I am just now replying
    to ya last gpb to me.
    -For some weird reason I
    still haven't seen any PM
    msgs from you yet in my notifications.
    Can you resend it?


    Hey, you should be good now.
    Gourmet cupcakes ?

  12. shunyoo Feb 04, 2021

    Good morning ʕಠ_ಠʔ Achi.
    Lmk if you didn't get any pm reply.
    Maybe a glitch.

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