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  1. Elena888 3wk 5d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Elena!
    -What did you do with your family for the holidays?
    -What are you doing w/ya friend in London?
    Is she going to show you all the popular sights in London?
    -Congrats on getting your masters degree.
    -Im back in school now, focusing on passing my classes
    in order to transfer to a 4 year University.
    -Seen any new Xmas genre movies?

    Hey! so much time has passed! sorry, I've been very busy from the beginning of the year T__T and it seems it will get worse soon.

    - I didn't do anything special....just eat....a lot xDDDD I guess that's the usual thing on Christmas
    - and yes, I went at the end of January with other two friends! and, because my friend (the one who was living there) had to work, he couldn't stay with us all the time. But he said to us good places to go visit. It was a very good trip, we had so much fun! :D have you travelled recently somewhere?
    - and what are you interested in studying at University?
    - mmmmm no, I don't think so. The last movies I watched were La la land, Ballerina and Split (not sure if that's the correct title in English). Have you seen any of these?

    Have a nice Sunday and I will try to answer in less time!

  2. DarkGeneralUnizaki 10wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i41.tinypic.com/2u41ph4.jpg
    Merry Xmas Unizaki!

    A belated merry x-mas and happy new year to ye Achika-san!

  3. Elena888 11wk 5d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i49.tinypic.com/2w72vih.jpg
    Merry Xmas Elena!
    -How were your studies in the end?
    -Does your country celebrate Xmas?
    -Do any cooking at all for it?
    -Go to any fun festivals lately?
    -Traveling for the holidays?

    heeey! merry Christmas and happy new year!
    and yes! I finally finished my master and now I'm with the doctorate! we will see if i'm strong enough to finish it! xp
    and I had to work during Christmas so I didn't go to any place, but all my family is here, so....it's good to stay here during Winter ;D the only thing, I will go to visit a friend who's living in London in a pair of weeks!

    and how are you? long time with no news from you!

  4. DarkGeneralUnizaki 12wk 1d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i41.tinypic.com/2u41ph4.jpg
    Merry Xmas Unizaki!

    Merry X-mas Achika-san and a happy new year!

  5. Painter 12wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Painter!
    Your welcome for the holiday wishes.
    Eat any good food that day?
    -I've been fine, back in school studying a lot.
    -What are you training for now?

    Errr, no, we didn't celebrate it.
    We celebrate New Year here.
    Poor you :(
    All the same just more: acrobatiecs and dancing.

  6. Painter 12wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika http://i44.tinypic.com/2qs9r1u.jpg
    Happy Holidays Painter!
    How have you been this year?
    Any exciting news to share?
    Got any new years resolutions?

    Thank you a lot :)
    I've spent xmas in train and have just come home.
    No news :(
    I think, no, just because I've got no time -_-
    How're you doing?

  7. Somnus 18wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Good Afternoon Somnus!
    Welcome back to the digital world.
    -No need to apologize buddy.
    I know your schedule is very full.
    But thanx anyways for saying so.
    -What made you settle on a Droid mini phone?
    Sucks that the mic has already died considering U
    just bought it in January/February of this very year.
    -Which brand did you purchase for your new 2-in-1 laptop?
    -Awww poor Lily. She just misses you that's all.
    She can't verbally tell you, so she's showing it in other ways lol.
    -Glad to read your hubby will be back this December.
    Hopefully he will be back in your arms before Xmas & New Yrs.
    -Are U planning a vacation? Or a huge extended family gathering?
    I.E: eating with cousins, siblings, aunts & uncles, god-parents etc.
    -Yes becomn healthy is def a plan of mine.
    I still need to detox for sure.
    -Seen any new films since we last spoke?
    -I've been krazy busy with homework & studying.
    Not to mention I'm volunteering now at Deaf events.
    Gotta keep these hands up much as possible.
    -I have NOT had any time to read any mangas sadly.
    -I am gonna wait until a newer version of a Chinese
    brand phone that I want comes out in 2017.
    Too many safety issues are arising with these new damn
    overrated: Iphone6 & Samsung Galaxy S7.
    And probably will happen again with the Iphone 8
    & SSG S8 & SSG S8 Edge ugh.
    I am NOT wasting my money on that future garbage.
    I feel like all of these top brands are overly hyped and
    are not worth burning a hole in ppls wallets.
    2 popular Asian brands that are gaining popularity
    on USA shores are: Huawei & Xiaomi.
    They're just alright imo.
    Nuthin to write home about *rolls eyes*.
    I won't be buying either brand.
    -I have another friend who reminds me of you a lot.
    She's been using an IPhone 4 for over 6 yrs now.
    She refuses to upgrade despite her phone's
    inability to add any additional apps she needs to use
    on a daily basis. Until it permanently dies shes using it.
    Plus she hates huge phablet sized phones.
    I recently told her about a few Korean brand phones
    to look into,that aren't crazy expensive.
    She likes the convenience of having
    a small portable device,that she can fit inside her pocket.
    -Hows work been goin?
    Have any new co-workers or new bosses?
    Still working at the same location?


    Lol, I got my Droid because it was the cheapest smart phone I could get. :P Yea, it's a bummer because my brick phone lasted more than 7 years. Don't make things to last anymore.

    I bought an HP Sepctre for my new laptop. I love it, although Windows 10 seems to be a little quirky.

    I just got back from visiting Mexico not too long ago. Hate to say it, but they perpetuated quite a few of their stereotypes while we were down there. Made me sad.

    I forget what films I talked to you about before. I'm waiting to see most of the current films with my husband when he comes back.

    That's good! Bet you're getting a lot of experience.

    Everything is overhyped these days. People think they need things they flat out don't. If I could buy another dumb-phone, I would.

    I know someone who has an old iphone too, with the fat charging jack. Crazy to see. As much as I hate smart phones and mindlessly upgrading them all the time, I do have an ipod that does just about everything I need a phone to do. When apps got too overpowering, I damn near died waiting for Apple to release a 6th generation ipod (no sense in buying a 5th generation when rumors hinted at an upcoming 6th gen). My husband surprised me by buying one online the day they came out. It's the first time I've upgraded an ipod before the battery died. Seems like such a waste, but I couldn't run apps on it and my music library was basically full. I was cheap and bought an 8gb model before they stopped making them. Husband made sure that wouldn't be a problem and got me the most storage space possible. :P Just hoping I don't run the battery to the ground too soon.

    Haha, my husband has the biggest phone we've ever seen. It was fun comparing my tiny chocolate to his. So unnecessary tho.

    Work is as blah as usual, but I only have one more month there, so it's all good.

  8. Somnus 18wk 6d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Hey Somnus!
    Hows life been going?


    Lol, crazy busy atm

  9. Somnus 31wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Somus!
    -Long time no talk.
    My tablet is dying as I type
    this reply to you ugh.
    It just deleted my entire
    GBP I was getting ready to submit
    on your page a few
    seconds ago, honestly
    I swear why me?
    -I now work as an
    office assistant yay.
    -I am planning on detoxing
    my body of 20+ yrs of built up:
    toxins, fungi, & parasites yuck.
    Reason is bcuz I'm tired of
    my stomach problems &
    I need to relieve myself
    of all this extra waste.
    My next step is becomn
    a cooking Vegan.
    Yep I said it.
    A fudging Vegan lol.
    I'm gonna order several
    recipe books online
    & everything.
    -I no longer will be
    investing in daily
    multivitamins for women.
    I have been a fan of those
    for quite some time now.
    But after reading an expose'
    article on the multivitamin
    swindle industry, I'd been
    looking elsewhere.
    Well now I plan on taking
    a super food powder daily
    in my self-made nutritious
    Almond Milk drinks.
    It has a ton of vitamins
    & minerals.
    I still will be taking
    vitamin D3, protein,
    Iron, Calcium,
    supplements though;
    but thats another reason
    I need to detox my body.
    I also have (IBS) & it
    ain't nuthin nice.
    -As for hair woes.
    I now plan on buying
    only essential oils &
    pure hair butters.
    Many man-made products
    for curly hair, don't work
    with my scalp these days.
    So instead of continuously
    making my scalp suffer &
    waste money, I've decided
    to do a more simple regimen.
    I plan on using a moisturizing
    Salon brand shampoo tht
    doesn't have any of the 6
    carcinogenic chemicals
    known to cause cancer;
    & use butters for hair.
    I believe with the major
    change in my diet &
    all of the healthy
    I'll be ingesting daily
    will be enough
    to see a turn around
    in my hair's overall state.
    -Btw if you wanna
    delete all of my
    now old ass PM msgs
    U can, I don't mind.
    It won't make sense
    to read them now imo.
    -I also plan on buying
    a legit Chinese brand phone.
    Now I actly have the ability
    to save up money & do it.
    & since my pitiful
    SSG S2 is dying
    It's long over due
    for an upgrade.
    -Do you have the
    same phone?
    Ever consider
    getting a Blackberry
    Privy phone?
    -How's ya hair?
    -How's darling Lily?
    How's ya boyfriend?
    Waiting to hear fm you..............

    Sorry, I've had a bit going on lately. I actually just had to go out and buy a brand new laptop. It's a 2-in-1 so it works like a tablet too. Pretty cool! This is a bad time for big expenses for me tho.

    That's good. Being healthy is always a plus.

    I got a Droid mini but the mic suddenly died. Gonna test some bluetooth headsets to try with it, rather than buying a whole new phone. The irony of course being that I just got this phone in January/February and my old brick phone lasted more than 7 years.

    Lily has had behavior issues. She has to stay in her kennel while I'm at work now.

    And the husband won't be back until December some time.

  10. Elena888 32wk 4d ago

    hey! ^^
    I've watched "The Jungle book"! : D I really liked it! and I've heard about the other one but I'm still not sure about if I will go to watch it or not.
    And about England and Ireland, I liked both of them but I don't see then as countries where I would like to live the rest of life....I need more sun xD although if I would have to choose one, I think I would rather live in Ireland....Irish people is much more nicer....that's what I think based on my past experiences xD
    Switch girl is not a manwha, is manga: the main character is a girl who acts very "girly" and "fashion" when she's outside but inside her house she acts as she really is (I mean, she wears pijamas and glasses, and she behaves mmm how to say it...less cute xD). It's very funny to see how she tries to act in a different way to "fulfill" what people expect from her. And I think that's something which is maybe overdone in this manga but that happens to us very often in reality.
    And here the weather is hot.....very very very very very very hot xD but well, it's supposed to be normal in summer.
    how's everything over there? are you nervous about the new course?

    See you soon! ;D

  11. Elena888 33wk 0d ago

    Helloooo! how is everything over there?
    and about travelling, I've been to Ireland, England and Turkey (last one is not part of Europe, though)
    About the mangas I've been reading lately and catching up are skip beat, gakuen ouji, untouchable (this is a manwha) aaaand switch girl... I think those are all.
    I don't know the manga "all u need is kill", do you recommend it to me? :o about sankarea, I watched the anime some time ago.
    The film i want to watch is "finding dory"! : D I love disney/Pixar/dreamworks/etc films x3 what about the purge? did you like it?
    mmmmm well, we don't have an actual independence day because we never make ourselves independent of any other country, but it's true that when Spanish people kicked french out of Spain on 2nd may 1808, that day has become a holiday now. i think that's the most similar thing to yours.
    and of course, we celebrate Christmas and new year's day! and these are holiday to spend with family mainly.

    see you soon! : D

  12. KiyanaIkebana 36wk 1d ago

    Hi agent Achika!
    I was very busy in the last time. How are you?
    If you mean "Wolf Children" the movie "Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki" (I'm more known by the Japanese name), so I saw it already.
    It was great, but I didn't like the ending.
    I also saw "Free!"(japanese title) at a time when it was currently airing xD. I also saw the secon season "Free!: Eternal Summer". :D :D

    Now I currently watching these summer season anime (alphabetically):
    1. "Amaama to Inazuma" = the 2 episodes what I saw was good :)
    2." B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious" = tried yesterday randomly :D I didn't know that it's a boy harem anime XD XD
    3. "Orange" = I believe this will be very great! :3
    4. "Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara" = my favorite! I was waiting so long for second season!
    5. "Taboo Tattoo" = was selected randomly.

    currently watching anime to continue broadcasting (from the previous anime season):
    1. "One Piece" = neverend anime :D
    2. "Meitantei/Detective Conan" = neverend anime :D
    3. "Dragon Ball Super"= hope that I will not be a neverend anime :D
    4. "Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!" = not good, but I want to complete it :D
    5. "Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu" = the last broadcasting episode (ep.15) was "what the hell?" :D

    From the new summer season maybe I will or plan to watch:
    1. Battery = will be airing 15. July 2016
    2. Rewrite = still deciding
    3. New game = still deciding
    4. Fukigen na Mononokean =still deciding
    .....and much more! :D

    Yesterday I started "No game no life" but I believe I will complete it today (missing only three episodes to end).

    Thanks, but now I have no time to learn next foreign language! right now I'm learning two foreign languages, I think the third would have been too much. Maybe if i will complete the studies.
    what about you? do you can speak another languages than your mother tongue (English)?

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