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  1. Somnus 7wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Evening Somnus!
    -Sadly I failed my recent Health exam.
    My next exam in the class is in 1 week.
    Technically its 1 wk & 4 days.
    I still don't know what I received on
    my latest Poli-Sci exam though.
    I'm going to begin studying for my
    Poli-Sci final exam asap which is
    on the 1st week of June
    & so is my final in Health class ugh.
    I still can raise my Health class
    grade if I do well on the next 3 exams.
    I'm doing okay in Poli-Sci this far.
    -Awww Lily is that much of a snob?!
    How predictable lol.
    Your pup is NOT that smart after all.
    You better enjoy these moments
    while they last bcuz when it clicks
    ur stress free days will be over lol.
    -Yeah I definitely plan using:
    Luxury hostels & Airbnb
    alternative services for POC
    once I attain my degrees &
    certifications in my field asap.
    Then I'll be travelling a lot more
    for work but also for volunteering
    opportunities abroad during
    the Summer seasons.
    Due to work on campuses
    being non-existent in Summer.
    One must find work elsewhere.
    I'd luv to work in international Universities
    for Deaf students abroad.
    I think that would be really fun.
    Not to mention stretching my
    network community sociably.
    -Oh no, your phone is already flipping
    out on U after one fall & 1 paw print?!
    That must suck big time.
    1.) Do U plan on getting ur
    J Galaxy's audio issue
    checked out?
    2.) Have U found a lighter
    weighing cover 4 ya droid yet?
    3.) Gonna get the screen fixed?
    -I now no longer plan on
    saving up for the new:
    Xiaomi Mi 7 or Huawei P20.
    Both phones are cool, but
    I don't like how they look
    & cost $840+up
    Won't be using either brand
    unless I get lucky later
    this year & someone offers
    to buy it for me as a gift *rolls eyes*
    I doubt that will happen though.
    Now I want a budget friendly option.
    It's called an: Honor View10.
    aka the (HV10).
    It's technically owned by Huawei
    but is a subsidiary of it, w/it's own
    models of phones.
    Since its sold
    across the EU its NOT
    on the FBI/NSA/CIA's
    watch list yay lmao.
    I luv that it also has 2
    card slots & best of all
    comes in a multitude
    of colors to choose fm.
    I want to purchase
    the RED version soooo badly.
    its been a while since
    I had a red colored phone.
    It cost around $538
    It features nice specs.
    Once I have it, I'll modify
    it to my liking.
    I also plan to use it for
    checkin my MT msgs hehehe.
    No more using a large tablet.
    I'll only use my tablet
    for class papers thats it.
    -One idea 4 U is to look on
    indie business sites
    like: Etsy if U want to
    find unique covers for ur phone.
    That's what I plan on doing.
    Plus I like that I can ask ppl
    that make covers
    for customized designs.
    I'll purchase non-cheap
    back covers of course lol.
    They sell wide range
    of covers too, cheap as dirt covers
    to nice fancy covers.
    Just depends on what
    Ur looking for.
    Amazon & Ebay are ok
    but their selections
    is so drab.
    I def will be buying
    a HQ glass shield for my
    display screen asap.
    I like being safe
    than sorry esp since I
    plan on havin it out
    while in usage.
    -How's the weather?
    Over here it's humid.
    *drinks a bottle of cold h20*

    How did the rest of your exams go?!?!?!

    Haha, hopefully it never clicks. She's kind of a dumb pansy. I'm sure if she hangs out with other dogs tho, she'll learn a few tricks...

    :P I think you may need to bite the bullet and settle on a cheapish phone from a common carrier.

    That sounds cool. I'm friends with a Spanish interpreter at my job and she might do some teaching down in Mexico. It's pretty cool, but all of the interpreters seem to have it rough.

    Yea, I need to upgrade it, unfortunately. Thankfully I don't make many calls, so it isn't a pressing matter yet. I'm not planning on fixing it. It's not worth that much. :P Now that I'm having some trouble with the call quality, I don't think I'll be fixing the screen. I'll keep using it until we can upgrade it. My husband wants to change carriers once he's out of the military, so we'll wait until then. And I don't have the droid anymore.

    I've given up on Etsy. It had really cool stuff on it at first, but now I find lots of second hand items, like Beanie Babies for sale. And most of the handmade stuff is very amateur-esque and overpriced now. :/ I'm not big on phone cases anyways because they tend to get in the way or you upgrade your phone and it no longer has any use.

    Lol, we had a mild hot spell, but it's mostly been overcast this week. So it's been kind of warm, a little muggy. It looks like it might be a relatively mild summer so far.

  2. Somnus 14wk 3d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd evening Somnus!
    Sorry for the late reply.
    -Sadly I failed the Poli-Sci exam.
    I received a low "D" grade, ugh.
    I'm NOT the only one though,
    others in my class failed it too.
    For my next exam aka Mid-term I'm
    just gonna read all the chapters,
    reference the chapter quizes,
    then follow the study guide
    & focus on finding the answers to that
    using in class lecture notes &
    power point pdf files.
    Hopefully I'll get a high "C+" grade.
    I did however pass my Health exam.
    I received a "C" letter grade only
    due to missing too many vocabulary terms.
    If I would have missed 3 instead of 6
    then I would've gotten a solid "B" grade.
    Ugh why me?
    My next Poli-Sci exam is 1 week away.
    My next health exam is next Friday morning.
    Wish me luck on both exams & keep
    me in your prayers lol.
    -I think it's cute how your puppy still
    can't escape from her play pen despite the
    fact she &, it are the same height lmao.
    It's mature of her to not cry
    in ya absence at her age.
    How is Lily handling her receiving
    all of these privileges?
    Me thinks she will need therapy lol.
    -Hmmm I haven't seen any new anime
    series other than Erased up until recently.
    It's a horror genre called: Kings Game.
    It's interesting so far but not amazing.
    I might be switching to sumthin else soon.
    -I would love to travel using a nice hostel
    or an Airbnb alternative.
    Airbnb has too much drama attached
    to it these days ugh I'll pass.
    I know I previously mentioned:
    Couch Surfing negativly but
    I was still considering using
    it as a last minute resort during
    an emergency.
    But thankfully I have discovered
    a safer albeit non-free
    professional service to use.
    It's similar to CouchSurfing in
    that you use it for temporary stay
    but thats where the similarities end.
    This service specializes in last minute booking.
    You don't make plans to vaca anywhere
    for 2 weeks or more in advance.
    This is more of:
    *I've got 1 hr to find somewhere WTF do I do?*
    U can even use groups that Ur apart of
    w/in the site for recommendations.
    It can help make the process faster.
    Members living in an area where
    U currently are located must
    respond within the next 6 to 12 mins.
    It's safer than CouchSurfing in that
    U must verify your I.D & payment method.
    U can also lookup the person's phone #
    & address to see if it's real using Googlemaps-
    like services online to be sure of legitimacy.
    -I'm no longer interested in buying:
    One+6 phone anymore.
    I dislike the new design yuck.
    I have my eyes on 2 other foreign brands:
    Xiaomi Mi 7 & Huawei P20.
    Both are nice & around the same price.
    Both are up to date w/specs etc.
    Extremely Cheaper phones are cute &
    all but based off of my horrible luck with
    cheap devices that's cost me
    $89-$120 in the past & have
    failed 6 months after initial investment;
    I'd rather pay more money & get
    a better quality device, that will last
    more than 6 months to a year.
    I plan on having this device for
    a good 3-5 yrs if possible.
    What hooked me w/both brands
    is the fact that they contain
    Dual SIM card slots.
    Most brands now n days don't.
    They prefer to use an electronic
    SIM card instead yuck.
    I think its cuz they want to
    force the user to bcum dependent
    on that particular company.
    How's ya current phone functioning?
    I think you should at least buy a
    back protective cover for it regardless
    of U not rough housing w/it hardly ever.
    It's better to be safe than sorry I always say.

    That's a lot of work! Gotta get started early! I hope your next exams go well!

    Haha, every time my sister sees her in her playpen, she says the same thing: "How does she not get out?"

    Lol, Lily only cares about herself. Woe is Lily. :P

    That sounds kind of cool. I don't really travel enough for any of these services tho. :P

    Lol, you'll find your perfect phone some day. :P Mine is doing alright. The puppy knocked it off the couch while it was charging, then stepped on it right after, so the screen is a little scratched/cracked. I also noticed that people stop hearing me if I walk around with the phone. I'm not sure if it's just in the house, like a weird pseudo-dead zone, or if it's all the time and there's a problem with my phone. As far as I know, it was fine until the puppy got to it.

    Lol, my last phone cover actually didn't mesh well with my phone. It kept tripping the sensor and running down the battery faster.

  3. Elena888 15wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Mornin Elena!
    -I passed my classes, my grades were:
    a "C" in Astronomy & a "B" in U.S. History.
    I am now taking 2 more classes this semester.
    -My Xmas was fine, I spent it with family.
    -How was your Xmas & New Yrs?
    -I've been looking at hostel reviews,
    they as in the hostels seem very nice.
    They have about the same ammenities
    as a luxury hostel+100s of $ cheaper,
    depending on the country & location.
    What's the cheapest hostel you've
    ever stayed in?
    -How's work this far?
    -Seen any new films?

    hey! long time!
    I'm happy you passed your subjects! (even though, I must recognize I'm not very familiar with that way of marking so I don't really know if those are good marks or not T__T)
    Hostels are good while you're fine sleeping with many people you don't know xD there are some of them are not that clean but, generally, they're fine in that part. And I don't remember the price, but I know all the hostel where we stayed during our interrail were really cheap. Maybe the ones in Germany and Austria were more expensive but because those are more expensive countries in general.

    And I've not seen many fiilms but I've started many new animes! like yowamushi pedal (or something like that) and others from the new season!

    how about you? ^^

    see you soon!

  4. Somnus 16wk 6d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd mornin Somnus!
    -I have an exam tomorrow.
    It's in Poli-Sci ugh.
    I have to memorize over
    40 vocab words. Why me?
    My next exam in same class
    I'll have 60+ words & 6 thick
    chapters worth of info
    to remember, why me?
    -Where & how in the world did U
    get a worthy phone for $200?
    I looked up ya phone online,
    shortly after submitting this gbp.
    It's very compact & cute hehehe.
    Buy a cover for it?
    Wow that sucks regarding
    ya husband's phone insurance.
    -Glad Lily is still eating.
    How does the puppy cope in ya absence?
    -Well East coast weather does
    seem harsh compared to the
    West coast region.
    I bet it is natural to East coast born natives
    & immigrants who've lived there for 5+ yrs.
    -I was watching a vid online abt ppl
    moving to NYC & having there
    expectations shattered.
    Esp when it comes to living comfortably.
    Apparently: Brooklyn is now
    the new Manhattan.
    Esp to residents who can't
    afford Manhattan these days.
    Tons of money makers are
    moving all across Brooklyn.
    Building new: condos & apartments.
    Even some celebrities are
    buying penthouses & condos in Brooklyn.
    Can U believe it?
    However I've seen
    some really nice fancy places in:
    Queens & the South Bronx.
    U can actually afford to live
    in these w/out a roommate
    if you have a good paying career.
    Of course everywhere
    has its shitty areas,
    but I'd never consider those ugh.
    Only the nice areas for me.
    NYC seems like the place where U
    need to have a plan in place before
    spontaneously moving there;
    or you will die quick lol.
    -Have you heard of the
    Washington freeze?
    It's when new residents
    from other states
    move to Washington
    & the natives don't
    want to accept them socially
    under any circumstances.
    -I finally saw the film:
    The Shape of Water.
    It was weird & entertaining,
    quite sad actually.
    I now wanna see:
    Paddington 2.
    -I now want to buy
    another brand ceg.
    But this one the
    FBI isn't against.
    It's the: 1+ T6 model.
    Or an updated version of
    1+ T5 model.
    Hoping its available
    to buy online
    later on this year.
    -When traveling abroad do
    U prefer to stay in a:
    Hotel or Hostel?
    -Ever seen the
    anime series:
    its such a cool series.
    It's only 13 episodes though.

    Lol, hope you did alright! I'm sick of anything political rn. :P

    Lol, it's a former model so they were selling it cheaper. It makes it a pain to get fixed tho. :/

    I didn't buy a cover for it. I don't really rough up my phones much because I don't pull them out and use them all the time. My last one only got messed up because I put it in the wrong scrub pocket and it fell out on some asphalt while I was juggling a cake for a friend's birthday. At least, I think that's why the microphone stopped working. The camera eventually stopped working as well, so it may have just been a poorly built phone. xD My current one was just fine until the puppy knocked it off the couch, then jumped on it while getting down. :/

    Lol, our puppy doesn't mind being on her own so much. We don't let her roam freely, but she isn't in a crate. She hasn't figured out how to get out of her playpen, even though they're about the same height, so we're still using that while we're gone. She loves getting into it though because she gets treats when she does. xD

    Lol, living there definitely isn't cheap. I wouldn't live there without a plan first. :P

    Washington freeze? Washington state? I know we have been less welcoming of all of the Californians moving up here. xD

    I actually haven't watched any anime lately. The only series I've really kept up with is One Piece and that's just the manga.

    Lol, no I've never used AirBnb. I don't travel much. When we do, we either stay in a hotel or with family.

  5. BurnedToast 21wk 5d ago

    I see your a fan of Quesarito , thank you for the fave. http://im-01.gifer.com/8RsT.gif

  6. Somnus 24wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Yep I've been waiting on you for a while lol.
    -Wow so why not rent out your
    condo instead of selling it?
    U know as a fallback plan just in case
    you need to relocate again?
    For ex: the Airbnb route.
    -I know Tiny Houses on wheels
    can indeed look as small as a dorm
    esp if they're micro tiny in size;
    but I've seen bigger sizes as well.
    Yes self-sufficientcy is indeed hard.
    But I have seen ppl w/tiny houses do it
    in many forms, plant boxes included lmao.
    -Glad your married & getting those
    Army benefits hehehehehe.
    -I'm sure roads are more prone
    to hazard accidents in the Winter season.
    Which makes the demand for travel drop like flies.
    But that shouldn't stop anyone from traveling abroad.
    Esp if the locations are safe to visit.
    -Speaking of traveling, I've decided to go
    abroad via my career instead.
    I def still want my tiny house on
    but it'll be more logical & less expensive
    to leave my home & pay a family member
    or best friend to house sit it for me.
    Plus that's less stress I'll need to deal
    with crossing boarders lol.
    -Ever stay at a hostel while traveling?
    Which do U prefer & Why?
    I've seen many amazing hostels
    & def wud rather use those instead
    of overly-hyped & too expensive
    hotels for a temporary stay.
    Nah I'll def pass on those.
    On another note, I'm starting to see
    many ppl convert mobile: skoolies,
    retired school buses, city buses
    & vans into tiny homes.
    I won't do it to save my life.
    It's just too dam small &
    narrow for me ugh.
    -I did indeed pass both of
    my courses last semester yay.
    I received an "C" in Astronomy
    & a "B" in U.S. History.
    Now I'm taking 2 more
    classes this semester.
    They are: Political Sciene
    & Concepts of Health.
    I like both of my professors so far.
    They seem strict but likeable.
    My community college has
    a ton of teachers that have taught
    at many universities, nationality
    & even internationally depending
    on the subject & teacher.
    They have high expectations &
    act as if we're already Uni students.
    It's inspiring but annoying lol.
    I only have Summer semester
    & Fall semester of this yr
    then I can finally transfer.
    I am looking up scholarships too.
    -I plan on changing my UP layout
    this year hopefully.
    -I'm currently using my
    tablet as I respond
    to your last msg.
    But hoping to get a new phone
    this year bcuz my free govt phone
    sucks like horrible stale monkey balls ugh.
    I've been forced to change phones
    3 times last year ugh.

    Having a legit phone will
    make it easier to respond
    on MT as well as check
    my important emails etc.
    -Seen any new films that
    just came out yet?
    -How is your daughter Lily?
    -How was the snow today?

    We are renting it right now. :P New tenants just moved in.

    Lol, should you wait until you're done overseas to get a home?

    No, I've never stayed at a hostile before

    Congrats! The Concepts of Health class sounds like something up my alley. :P

    Where are you transferring to?

    Aw, why'd you have to change phones so many times?

    We actually just saw Black Panther. It was alright.

    Lily's mostly been a sleepy old lady

    I am ready for spring to start. People freak out too much about snow.

  7. BurnedToast 24wk 0d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Mornin Tsasu!
    -I have not been viewing any anime series sadly
    due to my intense studies for quizzes & exams.
    -I saw the trailers you just posted, & The films:
    Thor Ragnarok, A ghost Story
    & The Killing of A Sacred Deer
    looked kinda boring & non-worthy
    of paying money on them my money.
    The 2 anime series: Violet Everlasting &
    Isn't Yoshizawa your boyfriend?
    look entertaining, the sci-fi movie
    Darling in the Franxxx seems meh.
    Have you seen the film
    Maze Runner: The Death Cure?I
    Or The Shape of Water?
    The films I wanna see this year is:
    Paddington 2,
    Replica, &
    The Cured.
    -Thanks a bunch for the code tip.
    It actually works, yay.
    -Glad your safe & wasn't effected by Hurricane Harvey.
    Storm Maria was horrible, bcuz it caused severe
    damage to the entire island.
    Many ppl are still without food or electricity 24/7.
    -How old is: Max, Zeus, & Chocolate now?
    Lol I forgot you had an extra addition to ur family.
    -Hmmm which phone are U consider buying?
    MUTE trailer: ( https://youtu.be/ma8te7ywEio )
    The CURED trailer: ( https://youtu.be/_EbBaNqNqv4 )
    Paddington 2 trailer: ( https://youtu.be/52x5HJ9H8DM )
    REPLICA trailer: ( https://youtu.be/Q9GO3pPbudA )

    Yo , Achika!

    -That's alright, you should focus more on your
    exam at this point.
    So tell me , you think you ready for the exams?
    -Haven't seem those movies yet but I am planing
    on watching them, I did see Mute during the
    weekend. It was an Okay movie, kinda reminded
    me of this other movie called BladeRuner 2049.
    Have you seen a movie called Cloverfield by any chance?
    I'll put a link of in down in the bottom.
    -No problem, glad it help.
    It really sucks for the people in Puerto Rico,
    hopefully they learn something or else their
    would just be in vain.
    What do you usually do in a situation like that,
    you know when you hear about a tragedy but don't
    really what to do to help?
    -They are about to hit the third year, they are really boys.
    How about you,
    have you added a new family member or planing
    on getting one?
    -I might get a Galaxy, they seem to be pretty good
    beside the one that exploded. lol
    Since you know more about phones the me, what do
    you recommend I should get?

    Blade Runner 2049:

    The Cloverfield Paradox (not the movie I was talking
    about , but it's also good.)


  8. agent-Achika 25wk 3d ago


  9. Somnus 25wk 4d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Evening Somnus!
    -I got a "C" grade on my recent exam.
    Now I just have one more quiz & big exam
    left then I'm done. I also have my history final to prep for.
    -Yes 500 is way smaller than an average
    1,000-2,000 sq foot house here in America.
    They do look like kid playhouses in comparison.
    However the homes you've probably seen this far,
    were probably 100-300 sq feet.
    Those don't fit zoning regulations in certain city neighborhoods.
    I recently saw a documentary on tiny houses.
    It was called: "Living Tiny Legally" , online for free.
    The Doc film was interesting to see.
    Most of the tiny houses in It were waaaay too
    small for my taste lol.
    I have claustrophobia, so those homes
    def wouldn't work for me ugh.
    I think the size i want is a nice size
    for 1 person or maybe even 2.
    I also want to take it on road trips
    w/me during Winter seasons internationally.
    I chose Winter bcuz it's less crowded travel wise.
    Once I get my career off the ground of course
    then I can start to save money to have my tiny
    home professionally made by a company.
    I'll plan on going w/a group of ppl I know; not just myself;
    I'll also like being self sufficient w/my independence.
    I still will get on planes & cruises for vacation though.
    Plus I luv the fact that I'll be able to save a ton of money
    & use it to go on fun adventurous trips with friends etc.
    I'm actually starting to see more tiny house communities
    pop up all across the USA.
    The tiny house communities I see
    pay high rent but that rent goes towards a larger
    house up front to pay mortgage & bills, so technically
    taxes are still being paid which makes it legit.
    The rent cost depends on where U live.
    Same like normal housing, U get what ya pay for.
    A zoning code law was indeed passed to allow
    tiny house living but it does have strict rules
    to follow per state bcuz each state demands a different thing.
    According to tiny house dwellers, it's def progress.
    NYC apts are ridiculously expensive & the locations I
    saw online were well under 300 square feet in size ugh.
    These apts & studios in Manhattan cost a whopping
    $5,000-6,000 dollars +up, I was like eeeewwww.
    I don't understand why someone wud want to pay
    a mortgage payment for a shitty size apt.
    Can U explain it to me?
    Owning 2 houses is nice but that's a hella of a
    ton of money one must pay monthly.
    It's not worth it imo. I just saw a 86 square ft apt charging
    $800 a month for a whole in the wall in NYC yuck.
    -Hows the Cost of living where U Live?
    - I recently saw a film called: (A Dog's Purpose).
    It was a cute film abt a dog coming back to life
    in the form of different dog breeds while living
    with other owners in various parts of the US.
    The next film I saw online for free lol, was
    called: (American Assassin), starring
    tv series:Teen Wolf & Maze Runner franchise lead
    actor Dylan O'Brien. The film was drier than a sandbox.
    It was nuthin brag worthy. It did horrible in theaters.
    Only bringing in $14 million domestically.
    That's horrible by industry standards.
    Studios need to realise, a popular
    face doesn't mean a box office star of hit.
    I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it.
    I would've been extra mad.
    The only film I wanna see now is: (The Shape of Water)
    which I plan to see next month & (Paddington 2)
    next year in 2018.
    -How's the weather where U live?
    -How was ya thanksgiving dinner w/ur hubby?
    -why did ya get married so soon, unless
    too private to share.

    I honestly thought I was waiting on your reply, and then I go and look and realize I'm the one we're waiting on. xD Sorry! It was mea culpa this time!

    How did you do in all of your classes/exams?!

    Lol, tiny houses just make me think of my college dorm. It made me depressed, honestly. I could survive and live in it and what not, but it was so small, even doing basic exercises was a bit of a struggle. I want a little more space.

    Lol, roads are less crowded during winter time because the roads are generally more hazardous. :P

    Self sufficiency is nice, but I'd give it some practice first. I was excited about having plant boxes at this house when we moved in, but it's been a year and I have yet to use them to grow my own strawberries. X)

    Lol, it's expensive where I live too. Not middle of a major city expensive, but expensive. Luckily the army basically pays for our house and our condo is set to get a new tenant on monday. Both homes are in housing market bubbles right now. We knew we didn't want to rent when we had to relocate here. Not if army was paying. But yea. I paid for my condo by myself while he was in Korea. I insisted on it so he could save up for a down payment. One of my paychecks went to the mortgage and the other got split between groceries and utilities and such. I pressured myself to put $5 in the bank every day for the year too. Was living on the edge! Would have been worse if I was paying rent instead of mortgage.

    The weather here is stinky. It's supposed to snow on Sunday. I want it warmer, but without central air, I also kind of don't. :P

    Thanksgiving was good. Nothing too special.

    Ah, we really didn't care if we ever married or not. We decided to do it when we did because of the army. The army was sending him to Korea without me for a year right out of basic training and it ticked us both off. Army pays more for married families, so we knocked it out before he went to Korea. That's the short and sweet version. :P

  10. BurnedToast 25wk 5d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd Evening Tsasu!
    -I've been fine.
    Just started school this week.
    I'll be transferring after this
    Year is up finally.
    How much longer do
    ya have until your done?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    See any new anime series?
    -I still plan on getting a new
    phone this year.
    I'm currently using a free govt phone.
    I absolutely hate it ugh.
    Hows your phone?
    -Do U know how I can paste
    gif images on ppls USP?
    Bcuz each time I try it fails
    to show up on their UP.
    a site I try using is:
    since photobucket stopped
    working for me sadly.
    -How is your dogs;
    Zeus & Chocolate?
    -Nope I never left just got
    busy w/my studies.
    However when I tried to
    contact you last year, U
    didn't respond to my msgs.
    -How are U surviving after
    Hurricane Harvey?
    Still living in Texas?
    Heard about Puerto Rico's
    massive storm called: Maria?
    Here is a gif example below:

    Gd Evening Achika!
    -That's good to hear, were are you gonna
    be transferring to?
    I might start taking my exams in August,
    have,'t decided what date yet.
    Lately I been missing a few classes now and then,
    so I might move it to March if they testing days then.
    -Yes, I have seen several films since our last talk. Some
    movies didn't leave off such good impressions to remember them
    but here is a small list that I do remember.
    1:Thor: Ragnarok
    2: A Ghost Story
    3:The Killing of a Sacred Deer
    I am sure I saw more but that is what I cam remember for now.
    Lately I haven't seen much anime, but here are the few I am currently watching.
    1:DARLING in the FRANXX
    2:Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
    3:Violet Evergarden
    You should check them out when ever you get a chance.
    How you, seen any movies/anime that you want to recommend?
    -Yeah I been told that most free gov phones
    are not that good, but they are free.
    I still have my old phone, might get a new one this year but
    i'm still thinking about it since i have plans to get other things first.
    -Sadly Photobucket blocked pics behind a pay wall.
    Unfortunately I don't know how to paste GIfs from that
    site, but I can recommend you a few way I do it.
    I usually just Google them lol, I also Here.
    Just click on Copy Link then copy the link were it says GIF Link
    and simply add that link in between this [img]add link here[/img]
    but make sure to take of the s from the Https for it to work.
    I hope that helps a bit.
    -No way you remember Zeus and Chocolate, all though you
    forgot Max but You get a pass for effort.
    My boys are good, they are growing so fast but lately I haven't
    been spending to much time with them. I feel a bit sad when I think
    about it because they are good boys and I don't give them much love as they
    You ever felt that way?
    -Sorry about that, I have no excuse for that.
    I didn't mean to ignore you, but I never did forget about you.
    -Hurricane Harvey was a crazy day here, not gonna lie
    I was a bit scared cause were we live we are not that prepare for Hurricanes,
    I was mainly more worry for my boys but in the end not much happend.
    We got lucky and didn't get the worst part of it, can't say the same for the rest of Texas.
    I sure am, still living in Texas.
    You still around Cali?
    -I did hear about Puerto Rico, I didn't keep much up to date
    with new's from there but I did hear how poorly it was handle.
    -Most impotently , how are you this days?


  11. BurnedToast 27wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika Gd morning Tsasu!
    -How have U been?
    Long time no see.
    -What have U been up to these days?
    -How was ya Xmas & New yrs?

    wow! Achika, good afternoon.

    I'm good, everything has been pretty for me for me this year
    just trying to make it better :)
    -How are things with you? I haven't seen you in so long , i thought you left.

    You know lazing around and being busy at the same time. Still taking my classes
    and doing random things here and there.
    -What's new on your side?

    My New Y& Xmas was pretty good, mostly spend it both on my own but it
    was still pretty good.
    -Got any interesting gifts for Christmas or maybe a sneaky kiss for New Years? :P

    btw it's nice seeing you around again.

  12. Elena888 31wk 2d ago

    Quote by agent-Achika GM Elena!
    -How's are U?
    -My semester is done.
    I won't know my grades until this Friday.
    I go back next Spring of 2018.
    -Why did U sleep in hostels w/strangers instead s
    of a hotel during your trip in Europe?
    -I saw the film IT, I found it mildly amusing lol.
    -Ready for Xmas?

    Hey! I'm sad because Christmas is over and i got back to work xD but, well, I'll survive ;)
    And how were your grades in the end? Hope that very well!
    And the answer to your question about where we slept is very simple: money xD it was much more cheaper than anything else
    And how were your Christmas holidays? :)

    See you!

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